Monday, August 3, 2009

What's the EX Guvnah up to?

Apparently, now that Sarah Palin has thrown in the towel on being the Guvnah of Alaska, she now has time to get a lawyer to go after a few of those Alaska bloggers who irk her so.

Go here to read a copy of the letter Sarah P's lawyer sent to Gryphen
of the Immoral Minority blog.

Well! They are demanding retractions and apologies & threatening litigation.

Why does Sarah P give a rat's ass about what a blogger posts?

Remember her talking about how politicians need to have tough skin?
Photo: Swearin' in ~ you betcha!


enigma4ever said...

Is it just gryphen ? or all of them ? mudflats ? or shannyn? She is mentally ill...if she did not want a public life she should never have run for office....

shame on her...

D.K. Raed said...

uh-oh, I had a bad feeling when I saw Gryphen's name & blog specifically mentioned as a Paliotarget on HuffPo over the weekend.

Palin is a real piece o'work, playin bogeyma'am wit da bloggies. Does she think anyone is really afraid of her or her lawyers?

As I said back when she first threatened this nonsense, parodying Al Franken calling out Bill O'Reilly, c'mon Sarah, SUE ME! CUZ I NEED THE MONEY!

Fran said...

E ~ I can't keep track if this is the 4th or 5th blogger she had her lawyer send a threatening letter to.
Most politicians just ignore the blogs & do not respond to them.
If you are going to go after someone, it wold be a paper with $$$, for slander, like the Ntl. Enquirer or some rag that gets sued all the time.

She said that herself.... the not whine & you have to take the scrutiny.

Either you have the ethics together & it's not an issue, or you get hit with multiple ethics violations.

When you play in the big league, you accept the circumstances. That's the deal.

Clearly Sarah P is not up to the challenge.

I think she is a flash in the pan.
She'd best hurry up & get that $11 million book deal before she becomes a has been.

Her lipstick pitbull mavericky act has fizzled out.

DK~ What a piece of work. She just keeps getting more & more strange.

nonnie9999 said...

that mad magazine cover is awesome!

princess is just trying desperately to stay in the news. she doesn't care if stories about her are good or bad, as long as they get her some attention. i think the fame clock is ticking down for princess, and she can't stand the thought of being just an answer in trivial pursuit.

Fran said...

Trivial pursuit!

Political Bimbo......

Answer: Palin

Better be careful~ she will sue all our asses!