Friday, October 23, 2009

Classified Ad

Fund Raising Event • Garage Sale Blowout!
Diagnosis • Cancer • Treatment Denied
October 22-24 • Thurs-Sat 8am-4pm
Bake Sale • Silent Auction
• 70 households

This IS the reality of health care in America. Although it is kind of friends & neighbors to pull together to have yard sales, bake, sales, pizza parties and a host of fundraiser projects- the reality is these folks are more likely to wind up on the long list of those who perished because we have no health care.
Those deeply in the struggle, literally fighting to save their lives have absolutely no way to compete with the Insurance lobby in some sick competition to buy the votes of Congress by stuffing their pockets with money. Frankly, I feel it is nothing more than prostitution-- them taking money and making decisions based on campaign contributions.
This so-called "system" is more than broken-- it's heartbreaking.


enigma4ever said...

sadly the ad is not up- it is just a little question mark..I will check back later..

In our hood it is yard sales and bake sales - so grandparents can get meds...


America...Best Healthcare in the World..if you are really rich...

Fran said...

I tweaked it a little... but this ad was right out of today's paper.

When those political idiots ask
*what's the hurry?* the Randy Cummins of our nation know the answer-- lives are on the line.

I am sick of hearing the line- we have the best healthcare in the world.....
it's only as good as it is accessible.

enigma4ever said...

all summer we had yard sales etc..same thing...

and we have alot of empty houses to see a sale for

I am so sick of it...

all of it....

it is heartbreaking...

the puzzle photo is perfect..

Fran said...

E ~ Now I'm hearing Pelosi is insisting the public option be ON THE TABLE & Grayson is circulating a petition targeted at getting Harry Reid onboard.

Music to my ears!

D.K. Raed said...

That couple who testified in front of congress the other day, the ones who were getting collection phone calls as their son lay dying in IC, said while they appreciated all the fundraisers, there is no way they could keep the wolf from the door ... it's just not possible for bake sales and yard drives to drum up that kind of money. I'm not saying they're not wonderful ways to help someone make a mortgage pymt or buy some groceries, but medical bills are so phenomonally high, it's just not possible for neighbors and friends to produce that much spare cash.

And, I am angry that we are even being put in this position by a well-heeled insurance lobby and corrupt politicians who have forgotten what working for the public really means.

Raise my taxes, please! Don't make people beg me for health care!

Loved the billionaire musical vid ... but I'm not sure the guy at the end who said he loved it understood the words!

Fran said...

DK ~ Could you imagine collection calls under that situation?
It is inhumane.
I view the politicians stalling while the ins. lobby stuffs their pockets w cash as the lowest blow.

What an insult!

As for the old gent @ the end of the vid-- especially if he was out in the hallway, may be clueless as to what had just happened.

nonnie9999 said...

which asshole was it--coburn (the doctor), i think--who told a woman whose husband had severe brain damage to ask her neighbors to volunteer to take care of him 24/7?

Fran said...

nonnie- sure, because that is both practical AND neighbors would be medically qualified.

makes my head want to explode!