Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Creative Health care vids & Breaking news from Turncoat Joe

Strange we have to "pitch" healthcare, but we do. These are some very creative ads trying to drive home the message & put the Boogeyman to rest already.

BREAKING NEWS: Just in time for Halloween Joe Lieberman (McCain's pitchman) alleged Independent has announced he will "join a Republican fillibuster to lock the final vote on any health care bill that has a government-run health insurance option."

CNN Reports:
"Lieberman's vote is crucial to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's hopes of passing a health care bill that includes the controversial public option. Reid announced Monday he would send to the full Senate a health care bill that has a public option but also allows states to opt out of that provision."

Well let the spineless pandering begin. Lieberman is a festering boil on the behind of humanity.
I hope Connecticut voters seriously consider having this menace recalled. I mean seriously-- this should be the final straw.

We need to contact LIEberman now & tell him how awful his assault to democracy is.
Is having a public option going to lie in the hands of one Joe Lieberman?

Say it ain't so!!!!!

His web site only takes Connecticut constituents e mails (yea but his damned vote will effect the entire nation)

706 Hart Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
(202) 224-4041 Voice
(202) 224-9750 Fax


Anonymous said...

I tried to call LIEberman's office this morning-- his voicemail box is FULL (probably of angry messages) and his talk to staff line is busy.

those who are getting through... give him hell.

He needs to hear loud & clear his opposition to the public option sucks.


nonnie9999 said...

i don't think he really gives a damn what anyone thinks. he doesn't have to run again until 2012, and he probably figures everyone will have forgotten about this by then.