Friday, October 16, 2009

Jobs, Alcohol & Prison... Oregon prioritizes

Most Oregon state agencies will be closed Friday, Oct. 16, the first of 10 furlough days that the state has scheduled for state employees through May 2011.

The furlough days, ordered by Gov. Ted Kulongoski, are meant to help the state save money in response to deep budget cuts by having employees take a day off from work without pay. The scheduled furlough days will be on Fridays and apply to most agencies, including the Unemployment offices.

State liquor stores, the Oregon State Police and the courts, prisons and the Human Services department’s medical centers will remain open.

State agencies are shutting down most of their operations tomorrow, when about 26,500 workers are required to take the first of their 10 unpaid days off from work in the next 19 months. The furloughs are meant to save the state about $1.8 million a day as the government deals with a revenue shortfall that stems from the economic downturn.

Sources: Portland Tribune & Eugene Register Guard


Fran said...

So no job searching on that Friday, but at least you can get drunk & be put in jail.

OK I understand the need to keep the jail open.... but the combo does raise an eyebrow.

Distributorcap said...

notice the liquor stores stay open

'nuff said