Saturday, January 23, 2010

Broken Promises

Executive order to close Gitmo "no later than Jan 22, 2010"

Here is the thing for me.... even though I have been a true blue democrat, I am even moreso progressive, so I don't like the bullshit. The deals, the dirty money...
but I don't like to be bullshitted ~ especially on really important stuff like the Bush remote prison in another country, or the illegal occupation of Iraq.
So when we are told we can take it to the bank, or given these deadlines that he himself set, then I have to call him out on them.
Besides the moral obligation to do these things I voted for him to do-- who knows just how much the "cost" of not doing them really is.

When I say cost, I'm not just talking about money....
Lives, and the cost of all the good and necessary things like healthcare & education we could & should be using our money for.

I'm not drinking the kool aid over any politician.
So I'm just going to come right out & say it--maybe if Obama was not so busy accepting awards for peace, maybe he could actually have the time to do the things he promised, which , if they were done, might have been worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize.

The failure to deliver on these promises, are items very high on my list of what we need to do to fix this country. Broken promises, broken country.

There are literally lives in the balance.

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