Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What condition my condition was in SOTU Address

I always feel like I am watching a room full of trained seals with all the clapping in these State of the Union addresses. Damn. The SOTU address would be about 20 minutes long if we could just stop the clapping.
The good, the bad & the ugly:
The good~ Obama really laid into the idea that the people are sick of the partisan divide.
Jobs, making bailout banks pay back money owed. College money. Green technology. Upping the exports. Deal with the debt/deficit.

The bad~ Safe clean nuclear power, Offshore oil & gas drilling, and clean coal.
They are not clean or safe or environmentally sound. I'm pretty sure Bush said these same things. They made me cringe then & they make me cringe now. One can only hope this list will be empty promises that are never fulfilled.
I find myself asking Et tu Obama, Drill Baby Drill? It is backwards thinking, and I seriously doubt the Obama family, cute kids & all would choose to live next to a contaminated coal sludge site, or down wind of a Nuclear power plant, or be responsible for an oil spill that kills marine life & the Ocean ecosystem.

The ugly~ A partial standing ovation & applause for the Supreme court corporate vote buying ruling. Yish.

What I did like was he actually spoke about out country & our issues. So many years of the Bush SOTU addresses, it was more like the "State of Iraq" address.
The story about Haitians chanting USA? I'm pretty sure they were screaming for pain killers, water & food.

He talked about the trainwreck of the financial situation-- before he walked in the door (they flashed on McCain making some scowling face). It does need to be officially on the record the damage had been done before he ever started the job.

I have to wonder if his "I don't quit" remark is a jab @ Palin??

Oh blech listening to the repug rebuttal. Government caring about people.....
Those who are dying w/o healthcare are not feeling the love.

The PBS commentators lamented-- we used to hear rebuttals from one person in a room in Congress. Gone are the good old days. They blamed Bobby Jindal. Check this out-- they had a whole staged "session" packed with people who agree, but the staging did not stop there, like manikins in a store window, they placed behind him a checklist of representation....

military guy in uniform √
black lady √
asian guy√
white woman generic could be soccer Mom or professional√
Historic House Chamber setting room packed w people √
lots of applause√
standing ovations√

Is it all a bunch of hot air? Are they all just crooks & liars?

Have I seen too much of all this crap & have become totally cynical?


nonnie9999 said...

amen to all you said. i felt the same way. just one thing, while i think the 'i don't quit' remark might have been aimed somewhat at princess sarah, but i took it more as a 'screw you' to all the rethugs and blue dog dems who want him to abandon health care reform.

D.K. Raed said...

your cynicism is well justified!

I didn't even bother watching the reBUTTal ... and now with your description of the canned audience (check!), I can have the laugh without having had to endure the pain.

oh, chanting USA? I was thinking maybe haitians were chanting, "YOU, ESE!" ... which might be translated as trying to get a man's attention ... if they were speaking spanish which I understand they are more into French or Creole, so ... um, nevermind, esa!

Fran said...

Good point Nonnie-- the media seems to be swarming.... Ooooh! One rethug won one seat-- by a skimpy 52% margin & the entire program will entirely crumble now.
After a whole year of working on Health Care reform.... still if it was a double dip-- a slam on the right side of the aisle & a jab @ Palin- who did quit, then he got a two-fer.

I watch the rebuttal as pure comedic entertainment, the freak show of the circus.
It was so over-the-top... the camera was framed in on the "fair & balanced" representation- complete with vigorous head nodding. Really reminded me of bobbleheads.
To go from one person in a room to this staged extravaganza, like a mock State of the Union address was a whole new level of crazy.

I give all those people credit for not just busting out into uncontrollable laughter.

Lulu Maude said...

Whatta show, eh? I didn't watch the whole show. I did see some on the Huff Post, and the pop-up thing was ludicrous... as were the sourpusses on the other side of the aisle, showing their Party Discipline. What a waste of PD.

Fran said...

Amen Lulu. The GOP even walks in lockstep re applause. Yuck!

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