Sunday, February 7, 2010

Arthritis, Bursitis & WHAT???/An apology to Sarah

Moon walking! Wow! These Seniors got it going on! Amazing what anti-inflammatories can do for ya.

For more laughs.... SNL had their fun


nonnie9999 said...

fran, you need to post that first one over at don mills's blog. he'll love it!

the second one is hilarious! if princess sarah really cared about kids with special needs, she would have used the opportunity to educate people instead of trying to make political points by demanding rahm's resignation. i hate the word, retarded, and i used to yell at my son and his friends when they used it. a lot of people use it without thinking.

of course, princess didn't say a word about rushbo using the word, retard, which is far more offensive. in fact, if she cares so much for those with disabilities, where the fuck was she when rushbo was making fun of michael j. fox? is parkinson's okay to mock as long as nobody in princess sarah's family is suffering from it?

Fran said...

OK what is Don Mills blog address?

I thought this was really well done. What a fun performance.

The Rahm Emanuel spoof is a kick.
I especially like him asking about Sarah going after him via Facebook.... "what are you 14 years old?"

Yes, selective "caring" about diabilities & derogatory remarks (I called my kid on it too... why it is offensive & wrong to misuse the term)...

But didn't Levi say that Palin herself referred to Trig as her "retarded baby" ???

That's about as offensive as it gets.... a Mother using it for her own special needs child?

So it's only offensive if SHE is not using the term, but it is OK to use it on your own child.

Letting Flush, I mean Rush get away with it-- sure they all know who is the mouthpiece for the GOP.... she knows better than to tussle w him.