Wednesday, February 17, 2010

take this job & shove it

After a two year pay freeze, the corporation finally gave us a pay raise.

.19 cents an hour.
During this time, the company spent over 3 BILLION in new developments & acquisitions.


nonnie9999 said...

and how much did they raise what you have to pay for insurance?

Fran said...

They did not raise it at all!

Well that was the offical word. Then a few days later they sent a correction addendum....
they would charge the same amount....

but oops! It will no longer cover 100% after co pays, but 80%.

They raised the co pays (meds up to $50 bucks a pop), deductible,($500 or more depending on what you need), and other back door hikes.

But get this-- they ask us to "donate generously" to United Way..... & other charities.

Yea! I'll give generously when I get paid generously.

Meanwhile I am donating 20% of my medical bill & other misc expenses.