Monday, February 8, 2010

Favorite Superbowl ads

Usually mute all commercials.... but the
superbowl is a superbowl of creative ads. Here are my favorites:

Oooh ! A cameo w Spider pig on the swing.

Oooh la la-- very cute.

The Government spent $2.5 million on this spot....
Worth it?

Your thoughts on this one? I thought this might have been one of the worst.


D.K. Raed said...

Thanks Fran, I appreciate being able to see a few ads (seeing as how I boycotted the game).

Google was cute. The first FloTV worked for me by tapping into my memories, but the second one made me a bit queasy by intimating that any man who doesn't watch football might as well be wearing a bra!

I liked the Census ad because, well, I tend to watch anything with Ed Begley Jr in it! Since it also had Bob Balaban, I think Christopher Guest must've been involved. Guess I'm a fan of that genre. I'll watch any Christopher Guest movie over Super Bowl any day/year/decade!

nonnie9999 said...

i thought the census one was stupid. maybe i missed the joke. i didn't like the google one either. i think i'm in the minority, because it seems like that one was a hit. i liked the doritos commercials and the ones with the talking baby. i liked the one with betty white, because i love betty white, and i thought the line about the girlfriend was hilarious coming from betty. i don't think any of them really hit it out of the ballpark (sorry for a baseball metaphor when discussing superbowl ads). i don't think anyone will remember any of them in a couple of weeks. that said, even the worst of them is far better than demon sheep. ;o)

Dada said...

My fave, Favre. Maybe because, as a Packer fan, I love/hate Brett Favre. But his reserved, self-effacing contemplation of retirement 10 years hence, moved him back up the love scale a notch.

Fran said...

DK ~ A LOT of this years commercials had us groaning & getting thumbs down-- man soap (dove), and a lots of wear the pants themes, as well as one ad where the guy dumps his wife when held @ gunpoint where they say your tires or your life, but he thinks they said or "your wife". Dumps the wife to keep his Brand name tires. Another commercial the guy says he puts his dirty clothes in the hamper, puts down the toilet seat & a litany of other "favors" he does the wife, but driving is his realm.
So not being a total caveman is a favor.

Others were just offensively sexist... like the last one- as you said implying lack of manliness for not watching sports.

I just thought the Census ad was off, and for $2.5 million did not clarify anything for anyone.

Nonnie ~ We agree the census ad was $ down the flusher.
The Doritos dog ad w the anti barking device was cute.
& you are referring to the milk-a-holic e trade ad?? That was cute.

The Betty White ad had us all laughing out loud.

Dada~ I'm not a Favre fan, but it was the ten years in the future reference that was the sarcastic punchline. Good one for a guy who has come out of retirement 2x already.