Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Still room @ the Banquet!

Oh who would have thought??
There is still room at the Tea Party Nation, National Tea Party Convention- for the Sarah Palin banquet!

The fun begins on Feb 4 & here is the exciting line up.

Topics include:

•Speaker, ANA PUIG-“Correlations between the current Administration and Marxist Dictators of Latin America”

• Dr. Rick Scarborough: "Why Christians Must Engage"

• Tim Kraulidis, Bruce Donnelly of SurgeUSA and John Biven: "Defeating Liberalism via the Primary Process"

Organized Prayer Session for the convention & our nation conducted by Dr. Rick Scarborough

National Tea Party Nation Convention Ticket more info1d 23h 17m$549.00$9.95Add to Waitlist
Banquet ONLY Ticket more infoFeb 05, 2010$349.00$9.71
Convention ONLY Ticket (does not include Banquet) more infoEnded$349.00$9.71Sold Out

Of course, the big question is.... will Palin actually show up on Saturday night, or will she quit?

Here are some photos of featured speakers...

Suzy Q Americana, with her "Don't Tread On me" flag
*The name is made up, but the photo is real.

Trust me, I'm a Tea Bag Nation Guy!

*These are actual photos of speakers.
Isn't $349 bucks a cheap dinner for an alleged superstar banquet?

But wait! Listen to this speaker.... the description sounds like the GOP & FOX news, but she is talking about the Dems.


nonnie9999 said...

hilarious!!!! i bet most of the people going couldn't really afford over 500 bucks (not to mention airfare and whatever else might be involved), but they made reservations when they thought it was going to be a really big deal. even thought they're getting royally ripped off, they'll still go home and turn on faux news, the assholes who talked them into going in the first place.

Fran said...

Can you imagine attending the "Correlations between the current Administration and Marxist Dictators of Latin America” workshop???

Or even the "Why Christians Must Engage"

I think I would fall off my chair laughing!

You posted a thing about how a few repugs Michele Bachmann, and Marsha Blackburn dropped out--it's even too crazy for them, or as you mentioned, maybe they got financially snubbed.
I don't so much think it sold out, as they probably had to turn in their final numbers to the venue.

So the Queen of Lunacy is left with this group of Lunatic fringe to fend for herself.
Her keynote speech will probably center around 101 reasons to buy her book.