Friday, October 15, 2010

Creative replenishment

Locally, we have an annual event, the Eugene Celebration the big town party, with a raucus parade, music food, etc. Part of the event features two art shows, one a juried show, it tends to be more predictable, and a bit conservative, but they always seem to throw in a zinger, that leave me asking "How did they pick THAT piece to showcase?" See example--------------------------------->

Then we have "Le Salon de Refuses", the salon of the refused art from the Mayors Art show. In the past, in order to show your piece in Le Salon, you had to show your receipt of being rejected from the Mayor's Art Show. No jury. No editing or censorship- everything goes. Inevitably, Le Salon de Refuses always winds up with some of the best pieces, and some very cutting edge statement pieces.

I always go to both, because it's fun to see the local artists offerings- there is some real talent here, as well as it feels so refreshing to kind of stop the world as we know it, and step into the creative, artistic realms.

This sepia toned nude is an elegant piece that makes the human form a work of art, playing with lighting. How can so simple be so stunningly elegant?

A splash of color, reminiscent of a Van Gogh French Impressionist painting. 

This large piece with the gold foil background really needs to be seen in person to do it justice, so you'll have to trust me that it is a jaw dropper.

Anyway~ in this busy/crazy mid term election madness season, remember to take the time to enjoy some art. It'll do you good!


D W JazzLover said...

Sounds like something I would love to attend..Thank you.

lisahgolden said...

That does sound great. And good for you for supporting your local arts!

Fran said...

DW ~ It's great that all the other art is not just censored by virtue of some stodgy juries opinion & limited space.

Lisa~ One feels unplugged & outside the box in the realms of art. Unfettered & alive.