Friday, November 12, 2010

The budget axe falls.... or So, you wanted less government....

Here is what "less government" looks like:

 • Social Security cuts
• Higher payments for Medicare patients
• Raising the retirement age to 69
• Continued tax breaks for the most wealthy
• Increased gas tax
• Eliminate mortgage-interest tax deduction

Notice who bears the brunt of these proposals?
The working stiffs. 

Here are my proposals:

• Pay freeze for Congress (they currently get automatic raises, unless they vote NO)
• Major Military budget cuts
• Tax the rich
• Do a 10 to 20% reduction of unneeded Government services
• Cut the fat in Congress-- fresh ice delivered daily, 
and other pampered privileged services that are unnecessary
• Stop Saturday mail delivery (Canadians have been doing this for many years already)
• Make prescription drug contracts for the lowest bidder to provide meds in quantity @ the best rate, for medicare & medicaid patients, for the top 100 most prescribed meds. 
• Require College sport programs making in excess of so many millions, to puts funds back into the educational funds of schools. 

What items would you add to the list???


nonnie9999 said...

stop the millions of dollars that have been going to people like batshit bachmann and chuck grassley in farm subsidies.

i'm so sick of hearing how everyone has to sacrifice. sacrifice is supposed to be a bit painful. how painful would it be for rich people to have to fly first class once in a while instead of taking their own jets? how painful would one less piece of jewelry or a designer outfit be? as painful as having a child who needs medical attention but can't get it, because you don't have the money? as painful as sleeping in a car, because your house was foreclosed on? the poor and middle class have nothing left to sacrifice.

Fran said...

Excellent points Nonnie. These dolts live in the marble halls of Congress with automatic pay raises every year unless they vote against them.
You don't see that happening now do you?

D.K. Raed said...

maybe stop so much outsourcing to private contractors, especially the military ... you know it's gone kookoo when a private in the army isn't allowed change his own flat tire ... and it's been proven to ADD expenses, not reduce them ... plus when we find out Blackwater and other private contractors aren't following standard military protocol, they skate out from liability by reincarnating under another name. Another Bush-Cheney legacy!