Wednesday, November 24, 2010

no purchase necessary

What follows are a few subtle-as-a-freight-train videos with "Buy Nothing Day" & anti consumerism themes. Just a little something to help us all remember, as we get inundated with messages to consume-- stores opening at 3 & 4 am, encouraging the stampede of shopping.
Consider embracing the *Buy Nothing Day* movement- a symbolic one finger salute to the whole hyped consumer situation. Relax. Enjoy some time with friends & family, or just take a hike & breathe.
It seems like all the stores pretty much carry the same crap anyway. Maybe you don't need more stuff?
Or maybe you'd just like to contribute to others in need via the local food bank, or help friends who are unemployed. While the stores want you to line up early, perhaps you choose to think outside the box, the big box stores that is.....


lisahgolden said...

It's not Black Friday at our house. It's going to be lie around and soak in the relaxation day.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Fran.

Fran said...

Hey Lisa~ I know it's hard times @ your place- and certainly not because you have not tried hard to find work. In any case it's a tough season to get through, so I hope you can get through it ok.
Tap in to whatever you can, community resource wise. Here's hoping 2011 is better.