Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bob's Birthday

Happy 70th Birthday Bob Dylan (born Robert Allen Zimmerman) !
His birthday is tuesday the 24th, but let's start celebrating his birthday now. 
Thanks Bob for being a poet, & musician for all these years. 


nonnie9999 said...

i usually like bob dylan songs more when someone else sings them. however, there's something about the way he sings forever young that i love.

Fran said...

The early years, Dylan's voice was really rough hewn, but over time he did seem to mellow w time. He is a special blend for sure- but his lyrics- Wow!

A visionary, poet, wordsmith I am a huge Dylan fan.

D.K. Raed said...

yes happy B-Day to Mr Z from another huge Dylan fan!

Cannot think of any time in my life that could not be associated with one of his tunes.

I recall a farce commercial back in the early 70's that was purportedly Dylan huckstering some of his hits ... it was set in some future time when he was now so old that his cutting edge music was part of a golden oldies deal. The joke was that even a great artist like Dylan eventually fades, then sells out, gives in to capitalism, and comes back as a senior citizen to hawk music written back in his glory days. Well ... that certainly did not pan out ... the man is still putting out great stuff. He constantly amazes with simple phrases that stick in the mind forever ... it will NEVER be all over for this Baby Blue!