Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Inspect this!

This is the latest TSA antic-- the Baby pat down! Halfway makes me wish the kid dropped a load in his diaper with the caption "Inspect this".

The TSA at the Kansas City International Airport stated the stroller set off the metal detector alarm. Why not inspect the stroller?  Many strollers are metal & have metal parts.  At least they did not just put the kid on the baggage conveyor belt, for carry-on luggage.

In any case, here is one for the scrap book kid--
"Baby's First Pat Down".


Christopher said...

Sorry but I would never let some TSA agent put his or her dirty paws on my kid.

I ain't going to happen.

nonnie9999 said...

fear makes people make bad decisions. the laws enacted right after 9/11 should have all had expiration dates so that they could be reexamined when the panic subsided.

Fran said...

Christopher~ I hear you, how ridiculous, but these days if you want to fly you have to put up with it.
The TSA does not present it as optional.
Now the parents could have said fine - take the stroller & inspect it to your heart's content. But if the Mom & baby go through the metal detector without setting it off, then no need for the baby pat down.
The TSA is so "rules oriented" common sense went out the door.

Nonnie~ Sure 9-11 caused a higher level of screening (I will always get additional scrutiny because I have a titanium knee & set off the alarms)... but it was after that the shoe bomber resulted in everyone having to remove their shoes, and some liquid explosive that resulted in them restricting how much liquids each passenger can bring onboard. Then plastic explosives that resulted in the pat downs, as they don't show up in metal detectors.

They keep upping the rules as would be terrorist keep coming up w new ways to do damage.

Flying is a real pain in the ass these days as a result. Plus they hit you up with $25 bucks per checked in bag- coming & going....
it is really not enjoyable, and they cram you into seats like sardines , all for high high prices!