Saturday, May 28, 2011

They are ALL Bozos on this bus

Oh dread. Looks like Palin & her misguided need for fame are about to roll all over the East Coast & this country on her "Fundy Bus"

Palin is already playing the "god card"

Here's a little background info... this barfwagon is made by Country Coach, an Oregon company. 

Feb 2010: JUNCTION CITY -- It took less than an hour to auction $2.58 million worth of Country Coach motor homes that were the highlight of a marathon liquidation sale. 
The high-end RV manufacturer founded 38 years ago in Junction City has gone out of business and its assets are being sold to satisfy creditors under order of a bankruptcy judge. 
 In November, a judge converted the case to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and ordered the company's assets liquidated to satisfy creditors, namely Wells Fargo Bank, the main secured creditor. As of October, Country Coach owed the bank alone, $7.5 million. 
The company has put together a detailed business plan to begin manufacturing coaches 2011. In the past Country Coach employed about 1,800 and produced about 1,000 coaches a year. But this new company plans to start slow maybe producing 25 coaches a year, dependent on the market.

Well that's a sure fire way to tank your company, rising up from the ashes of bankruptcy- put the Palin brand name on it. 

Line item rants ahead:

• Oh God! Not another election with Palin's mug in it. 
I can barely get rid of the old memories of the winking, the "you betcha's" & her huckster persona, the "Drill baby drill" chanting, and her shout out to some elementary school back in Wasilla. Little Miss Apple pie invoking a mob, calling Obama a terrorist.

• STOP CALLING HER "GOVERNOR PALIN" She quit the damned job, so she gave up her rights to the title. 
If they want to be accurate & call her the "Quitter Ex Governor" or "the half term previous governor that quit", I'm OK with that, but don't give her credibility as if she performed duties of a Governor who completed a 4 year term. 

• I hope I am really wrong, but she seems to be substituting "God" for "Maverick".  Remember how she rode the Mavericky wave of using & abusing that term? Whenever she did not have an answer (or a clue), she would play the Maverick card. 
"Oh a couple of Mavericks like John McMaverick & I, a Maverick too, we will Maverick our way through the tough decisions, just like Mavericks do. Did I mention we are Mavericks???"

• Notice you can't see into the windows of the bus? Palin likes her 1 way views. 

• There goes the neighborhood!
Palin just bought a house in Scottsdale AZ. 

Just a little place to kick around in~
Sarah Palin has bought a roughly 8,000-square-foot home in North Scottsdale, Ariz., for $1.695 million.

Funnier (this is what happens when you don't do your homework)...
"The property was purchased through a limited-liability company that bought it from Ian Whitmore, who on Wednesday identified himself as a real-estate investor. "It was always my intention to sell the home," he said. Mr. Whitmore bought it from J.P. Morgan Chase Bank last year for about $800,000, according to tax records."

Gotta wonder if this was a foreclosure from Chase Bank- eaten up by Bank of America??
That's a hefty profit for flippping a house in 1 year. 
Gotta wonder if this is one of McCain's many estates?
Speculation is Palin took residence to run for McCain's Senate seat, when the old coot retires. 
For one thing, there are enough crazies in Arizona. Jan Brewer & her hateful immigration laws & birther obsession.

Bristol must be pissed off. Here she up & moved as far away from Alaska as she could & what does her mother do? Buys a place in the same state. There's 50 states to choose from-- why'd she have to pick Bristol's state?

I can't imagine Gabriel Giffords appreciating Palin moving to Arizona either. (Palin's crosshairs take 'em out campaign). 

All I can say is I hope Palin's debacle tour is met by many unwelcoming committees. 

Needless to say I will not be joining the fundamental restoration of America movement.
That's code for "Fundies taking over America". 

Fumes I wish we all did not have to choke on!

I'll leave you with a question to ponder:

Can a bus tour be a trainwreck?



D.K. Raed said...

she is definitely a trainwreck, LOL!

you may be right about her subbing god for maverick, but she has always had a lot of god in her speeches. maybe it only seems to be greater now cuz she has eased up on the mavricky failed theme?

the news keeps saying she bought the residence in AZ so she can run for prez. I don't get it. she could run for prez from anywhere. guess she could try for McC's seat if she knows something we don't; otherwise his seat won't be avail again until 2016. If she really wants to do senatorial work (much more grueling than flountzing around the country pretending to dip her hotpink toenails into the political stream), there's always Kyl's abandoned seat due for general election next year.

I really do feel sorry for the people of AZ in general and that specific area north of scottsdale she wants to call home. Javalina hunting are a poor sub for moose hunting. Coyotes better steer clear of her arroyo.

ps, sounds like she got a good deal on her traveling coach? huntress on the prowl for a bargain rate fundy bus then turns around and pays top dollar for an AZ home?

nonnie9999 said...

i hope all the tires go flat.

Dada said...

I hope she chooses Michele Bachman as her Veep mate; or, if not, at least John McCain -- after all, everything she's enjoying today she owes to him.

Fran said...

dk ~ She kicked off her tour riding on a motorcycle. Just how weird can Palin get?

Palin can be a snake hunter now. Expect recipes for javalina stew in the future.

The place looks like Bin Ladins Pakistan compound in a different color. Maybe she is palling around w terrorists?

Maybe the motor coach company was the only one desperate enough to associate their name w hers? I know of another motor coach company that got some serious backlash for palling around w Cheney, sponsored a speechifying visit. Lots of customers did not like the ASSociation.

Nonnie~ Yea... if not the tires, the same old Palin fundy schpeal. Her vid links Geo. Washington, Lincoln,Reagan, then her.
I'm pretty sure Lincoln would be appalled by Palin.

Don't think Palin would have had a full on war to end slavery. She would be touting it's economic goodness & have slaves of her own.

Dada~ I can't image McMaverick taking on the underling role w Palin. He had huge problems w her going rogue & not doing as he said.
He would not let a c**t like her run the show
(Hey! It was HIS word choice I am quoting!).

She needs someone like Todd who will shut up & do as she says.
Maybe she just needs a poodle???