Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Like the Titanic, Santorum's presidential bid sinks

Like the Titanic, Rick Santorum's presidential campaign sank. In the same week of the 100 year anniversary of the inaugural, maiden and final voyage of the Titanic, Santorum announced he's out- suspended his campaign.
Old Rick just did not have the numbers to go on either.... 252 to Romney's 645 Delegate count.

Sanctimonious Santorum and his caveman "conservative" ideas campaign,  should have sunk months ago.  He would have women stay home, make babies, and allow him to make reproductive decisions for us.
The man had not a clue about separation of Church & State. After months of rabid vitriol and going for the jugular in the republican dogfight for the top spot, he now bows out & gives a hat tip to Romney.
So Adios Rick-- I'm not going to miss you. Although I don't like any of the republican candidates, I always felt Gingrich & Santorum were the worst of the bunch.

Yet another self declared conservative, Santorum's campaign is in debt, but has not announced how much in debt--
Exactly how much debt the Santorum campaign accrued over the past few months is unknown. According to, a database for tracking campaign spending and contributions, the Santorum campaign had $922,000 in debt at the end of February. That debt almost assuredly increased in March, a month in which Republicans held nominating contests in 19 states.

If Santorum could get over a million in debt, Newt Gingrich will not be outdone! His campaign overspent by $4.5 million. Will Callista have to pawn some of her Tiffany's bling to help out the old man?

Of course Newt still vows to stay in it till the end. His book selling tour campaign, which is now $4.5 million in debt, actually bounced a check for $500 in Utah for the required filing fee. If his campaign does not pay it by April 20, he will not be on the ballot in Utah.
Hey Newt! You're in Mormon country now!

In a sorry last gasp attempt-- to collect money, he's hawking Santorum  supporters to pick him.
Because there is nothing like running your campaign $4.5 million in the hole to show what a great leader you are?
Ron Paul's campaign manager said that the Texas congressman would "plan to continue running hard" through the August convention in Tampa.
Running hard, or hardly running-- he's got 45 delegate votes. 
The whole process has been exhausting. 

In the end, Romney is limping his way to being the front runner. 


D.K. Raed said...

(oops blogger just ate my comment; been happening a lot lately; grrr; apologies if this is a repeat).

Can you imagine how much vomit Sancty will be swallowing to endorse Mitt after calling him the very worst repub candidate?

re: callista selling her bling ... naah, I think old newt will just send her over to his bigtime vegas financier friend to "work a deal". Remember how he wanted to his last wife to "share" him? now it's his turn. she's already proven she's into rotten old corpses ... let her crack a frozen smile and do her duty for the campaign!

Fran said...

Ewwww! The thought of Callista taking one for the team in that way, gross.

I'm curious to know how much Santorum overspent on his campaign. He tried to present himself as the family man @ the kitchen table.....
Come on Rick, how many millions did you overspend in your campaign?