Thursday, April 19, 2012

U of Oooooooooooo

The University of Oregon seems to be going to hell in a handbasket.
The official motto:
MottoMens agitat molem
Motto in EnglishMinds Move the Mass
The unofficial mottos:

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Apparently, at the University of Oregon, democracy is an idea that’s good enough to teach students, but not good enough to live by. Last week, the UO revealed the hiring of two anti-union law firms, including a San Francisco firm that runs seminars promising to help managers keep their workplace “union-free.” While fancy out-of-state lawyers may cook up sophisticated arguments for why faculty, in particular, shouldn’t be allowed a union, the truth is that this firm is devoted to denying union rights for all types of employees; in California, the firm is currently engaged in a fight to deny union rights to dining hall workers at Pomona College.
Whatever subjects students may choose as their majors, this year UO administrators are providing them an education in cynicism. No longer is the university a civic model; instead the administration’s behavior says to all of us: “You know all those things students are taught about philosophy and democracy, Plato and Jefferson? Those are just for inside the classroom! When you step outside into the real world, it’s dog eat dog and might makes right.” Democracy is important only as long as the faculty does not try to vote for something of which the administration does not approve.
Lastly, the U of O can barely give the Grads of 2012 a Commencement ceremony.... because the U.S. Track & Field trials will happen back to back for an 8 day cash grab event, but they will squeeze in that annual grad event, if they have to. 

By the way, there is a new store in Eugene called (I'm not making this up)

Well, NIKE sure runs the U of O. 

"Uncle" Phil Knight & Vin Lananna track coach....

Well I guess you can have the commencement ceremony, but it's really inconvenient.

* Read about Phil Knight's philanthropy to understand why the U of O is top heavy with athletics. 

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Fran said...

Phil Knight is like the maffia @ the U of O, Whatever Phil wants, Phil gets.