Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Reality check in Romneyville

5 sons & 18 beautiful grandchildren.
Still in love. 
Daughter of a Welsh Coal Miner .
Pays $77,000 a year for her Dressage Horse upkeep.
Has a REAL marriage. 
Is REAL rich. 
The Romney's are the top 1% of the 1%ers. 

Meanwhile.... MIC CHECK
Occupy Wall Street is
Occupying the RNC. 

Members of the movement tellBusiness Insider that hundreds of protestors are already camped out near the Tampa Bay Times Forum, where the RNC will be held, in a spot they've dubbed 'Romneyville'.
Tampa's city council hasalready ruled not to evict them from the area, and Occupiers say chartered buses will bring hundreds more to join them over the weekend. Another camp is being set up in Freedom Park, also near the Forum.
"The ironic thing," said one event coordinator, John Penley, "is that we're set up near an army supply store that sells gas masks."
Penley is coordinating an event called the "Let Them Eat Cake Drum Circle Dance Party" in Romneyville on Sunday night at 9:00 pm.
Oh what fun~ 
These topics of focus/workshops sound most interesting:

Vagina Open Mic

Fix Shit Up is an effort to voice our opposition to the agenda being put forth at the Republican National Convention while giving back to the local community. Fix Shit Up aims to rebuild and restructure our inequitable society and spread an alternative understanding of anti-authoritarianism and anti-capitalism.
There is warranted rage over rapid environmental destruction, endless need for war, the current, parasitic economic system, and other dangerous ideals electoral, state-centered politics and the rep
ublican party specifically represent. There is much to be dismantled. Only when weeds are uprooted do vegetable gardens and flowers have a chance to grow and flourish. Therefore we stand in solidarity with autonomous direct actions against symbols and institutions of global capitalism, militarism, and the RNC and DNC.


Christopher said...

Queen Ann of Rafalca wearing a Chinese red, dragon lady dress that cost $2,000 didn't help either.

The idiots in the MSM kept saying "Ann is so happy...." and then drift off into outer space.

Sure she's happy. When you have a net worth of $250 million, how can you not be happy?

Anonymous said...

#1- I love that you have dubbed her "Queen Ann of Rafalca" ^5

#2- Have you ever heard of a campaign really having to work hard at "humanizing" a candidate???

#3- Ann left out details about her real/happy marriage-- like when Mitt was falling in love w a non mormon, they shipped him off to France for a mormon mission for 2 years, then proceeded to work Ann into being mormonized.
Yes, they went on to wed--- but Ann's parents had to wait outside the Mormno temple during the wedding as no non mormons allowed.

No sharing the details of that cult like behavior.

Her talking about Mitts quiet generosity....
I bet it is quiet because he supports extreme right wing garbage.
Or the bulk of his $$$ donations go to the cult- mormon church/community.

Mitt is not involved in the greater good.
They like keeping secrets for a good reason.

Paul ryan was sure slick yesterday-- they are "keeping medicare".... it will be mostly in name only & in tatters & shreds... but people only ned to hear those words... "keeping medicare" to buy into the idea that they will save it by destroying the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare).

Are they selling bridges too? Because that was some slick marketing.... Mom & apple pie...
never mind the details.
Never mind how many Americans will be thrown under the bus to balance the budget.

- Fran

Anonymous said...

One more thing that day 1 shifty/swirly background reminded me of smoke-- they probably had mirrors too!

Also that the repugs are as shifty as their speaker background.

Ryan's speech was dubbed 40 minutes if vitriol & no actual details of what he intends to do.
Snake oil anyone?

Well let's face it-- if the official slogan was "The Rich Getting Richer!", it would be a hard sell for anyone but the 1%ers.