Friday, August 31, 2012

Is Mitt Human?

Never has a campaign had to work so hard to try to pitch a presentation that a candidate really is human.  They had a formidable challenge, with Robot Mitt.  All that smiling & hugging & handshaking- it was painful to watch.

The RNC was short on facts. Lots of innuendo, conjecture, implications.... but when they say they will provide jobs, they don't really say how they will magically make family wage jobs appear.  They also don't say exactly how they will save medicare (in shreds & tatters, say those who have read Ryan's plan).

It is all just blowing hot air. Empty promises, pandering & saying whatever it is America needs to hear in order to elect this top of the heap of 1%ers.

To hear Mitt bloviate about how hard it is to work 2 $9 dollar an hour jobs to make ends meet & you have to sell your home for less than what is owed.
That's $9 dollars an hour before taxes Mitt.
And people are not just taking a loss on selling their homes, they are getting evicted in foreclosure.... while Banksters are getting bailed out-- like Bain did w stim money, and Ryan also took stimulus monies. So easy to dis what Obama did without fact checking, but hypocrites they are. I'm so glad the Democratic convention is last-- they get the final word. It will be their job to  shed light on the details that slick Mitt & Ryan glossed over, or flat out lied about, in their feel good pitch.

These guys are like snake oil salesmen. They got up on stage and tell bold faced lies, half truths, and make unsubstantiated claims, in an unfettered environment.

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Christopher said...

There were so many lies oozing out of Romney's and Ryan's pieholes that my eyes finally glazed over.

Mitt Romney said President Obama raised taxes on the middle class. Sorry Willard but, that's a bald-faced lie.

And the 42-year old newspaper delivery boy, Paul Ryan, blamed President Obama for closing a GM assembly plant in Janesville, OH in 2008. Obama wasn't inaugurated until Jan. 20, 2009.

But the Zombie Repugs ate it up like a carrot cake freshly frosted.