Saturday, November 17, 2012

Effing Game Day to the Max!!!

Because there is simply not enough hype about sports & football @ the University of Oregon.  ESPN is having a "Game Day" event. 7 semi trucks to run the game day broadcast, 60 staff people from ESPN, people are going to camp out overnight to be 1st in line for the super hyped up event-- but here is the kicker-- as a publicity stunt, they had the Duck Mascot sky dive... & the duck lost it's head on the way down!

Puddles, the Oregon Duck, has lost his head. Puddles was skydiving with for a College Game Day segment when his head came off mid-jump. As you can see from Chris Fowler’s tweet, it was lost somewhere in Oregon. While the Duck has two more heads (this was the “third string” head according to Fowler), this must have been seen as a bad omen with a game against #13 Stanford looming tomorrow night.

The mascot head was found in a nearby town by a "good Samaritan"- wow!
Returning a mascot head is now a heroic act, and or "breaking news"!
Want to watch the news? All about Game Day!
Want the weather report? It's the Game day weather report!
People are flocking to the book store to get--- you guessed it- Game Day trinkets!
All this over the top hype is ridiculous-- it is not just "Puddles the Duck" who lost his head.
This is like the Lorax story, College Football version.

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Fran said...

No matter how much they hyped this game, and people camped out overnight to be in the front of the ESPN game day extravaganza....
the ducks lost.
The head coach who get paid multi millions, got pissed off & began yelling @ a ref. He got slapped w a call of "unsportsman like conduct" which resulted in a 15 yard penalty.

The local news called the loss "heartbreaking".

No. What is going on in the Middle East is heartbreaking, this was just a college football game.

Stanford kicked the Duck's asses.... maybe now they will take the Game Day down a few notches?