Wednesday, November 21, 2012

No purchase necessary

Time again to think about the *Buy Nothing Day* movement.
Stampedes. People behaving badly. Jam packed parking lots & stores.
Long lines to check out. Debt. More stuff.

Just say no.

Sleep in. Relax. Hold hands. Visit nature. Meditate.
Contact someone who may need a companion.
Make a donation to the Red Cross or the local Food Bank or Shelter.


Christopher said...

I like it.

Retailers have changed the so-called Black Friday to Black Thursday.

Who are these nitwits who want to go shopping at Target and Wal Mart at 10PM Thanksgiving night?

Not this nitwit. I'll be watching football or movies.

Anonymous said...

Lots of petitions from workers, asking employers to give them the holidays off to enjoy.

The more people refuse to participate, the sooner retailers will take it down a few notches.