Saturday, November 24, 2012

helping hands

Ironically, I just quit a job that paid a substandard wage, but they always hit us up to "give generously" to charity.  They even made this big push for United Way (top heavy in the amount taken for administrative costs)- during a year long WAGE FREEZE.
I always thought, I'd love to -- & will do so right after you pay a decent wage so I could afford to give.
Now I have a new job. My employer is not hounding me for donations, and all by myself, I decided this year I can do some donating (thank you new employer for paying me a living wage).
Request envelopes came from the Food Bank & Red Cross.
They do good work & the need is great (despite the media telling us the numbers are looking better).... I'm saying yes. I'm not going to be in the Big Donors Circle, but if everyone could throw whatever they can afford to such charities, what a difference that would make.
For instance the population in Eugene, Oregon is 156,929. Even if everyone gave a buck, that would be a chunk of change. Even $2 bucks each would equal $313,858 dollars.

So I'm encouraging us all to give whatever we can- because even small amounts add up. If cash is tight, you can donate your time, or blood.
So many good organizations are in need- be it the local animal shelter, soup kitchen, Vet support, Food Bank, whatever. Just do it. Feels great!


Mauigirl said...

Congrats on your new job! I know what you mean, at my old company they used to do a big United Way campaign every year and we were really pressured to give until they got to the goal they had set. Charity shouldn't be coerced. I totally agree that this year is the time to give to the Red Cross and other organizations, what with all of the mess from Hurricane Sandy and everything. Better to give a donation than buy a bunch of useless stuff for Christmas that nobody needs.

D.K. Raed said...

to avoid a major irritating aftereffect when giving to charity I always use blind money orders (no name or address of donor). otherwise it seems like they use all my donation inundating me with solicitations over the next decade.