Saturday, March 23, 2013

Papal Installation

Any religion is allowed to have figure heads, but I've always reacted negatively to this "kiss my ring" Papal gig. Funny, the new Pope is refusing to be transported in a bubble (aka the pope mobile bullet proof shield), and is a security nightmare, because he keeps mingling w crowds of people. 
It is refreshing to hear him say- help the poor, after so much of the message has been collect all the $ you can. 
But the core elements... the male dominated high holy appointments, which discriminates against women... it's a big deal to have a non-European based Pope.. when there is little to no hope a woman would ever get that job, and the judgement/mandates against birth control, divorce, and sexual orientation still plague the catholic church "leadership". 
What can I say, other than that this cartoon fairy tale pretty much covers it. 

One question though-- the media was flooded with all things Pope.... does any other religion get this kind of saturated media coverage???

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