Friday, February 13, 2009


Yes, Valentines Day is Saturday & thoughts of love are in the air.... so here are some offerings to nurture love,  & find balance in our hearts.

Bob Dylan Wedding Song~ And if there is eternity, I'll love you there again.....

Hearts need healing, and I love Mandalas.... 

Mandalas Vision~ Spread your Light

Sand Mandala

We all can put a little love in our hearts ~ friends, family, lovers. 
An act of love goes a long way


Mauigirl said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Fran!

Fran said...

You as well Maui.

D.K. Raed said...

These were all good. I don't know how mandalas do it, but I feel very relaxed now!

Fran said...

I love mandalas. This vid drifts seamlessly from one design to the next. The music goes from Tibetan, to Native American sounding chants, to flute. Some of the symbols encompass Buddhism , Feminism, and many religious symbols- all together. All one, which I consider to be the highest form of spirituality- recognizing and honoring ALL religions, as holding a part of the truth & light.
I went to the web site mentioned, the artist went to the region of Tibet & studied the ancient art of the mandala, and also has a web site set up to help the orphans of the region.

The sand mandalas are amazing, where colored sand is gently tapped into place in very intricate patterns my many monks. It is considered a form of meditation. I was able to see a group of monks make one (at the university). Wow!
After making this masterpiece of art over several days, they gathered up the sand, and walked several blocks to the river, placing it in the river as an offering, symbolizing the impermanence, and flow of life.