Saturday, February 7, 2009

Killer Peanuts

The list of recalled products continues to grow-as of Feb 6, 2009, more than 1679 products have been recalled at this time. The salmonella outbreak has been blamed for at least eight deaths and 575 illnesses in 43 states. The Justice Department has opened a criminal investigation.
It includes things like energy bars, trail mix, and Pet food. The bottom line, is if you do not know the source of peanuts, you should not eat them. 

Brownie Product Recalls
Cake and Pie Product Recalls
Candy Product Recalls
Cookie Product Recalls
Cracker Product Recalls
Donut Product Recalls
Dressing and Seasoning Product Recalls
Fruit and Vegetable Product Recalls
Ice Cream Product Recalls
Peanut Butter Product Recalls
Peanut Paste Product Recalls
Peanuts Product Recalls
Pet Food Product Recalls
Pre-Packaged Meals Product Recalls
Snack Bar Product Recalls
Snack Mix Product Recalls
Topping Product Recall

Too long to post, here is the link to the expanded FDA (potentially) salmonella tainted peanut containing foods recall list.


Annette said...

It gets worse everytime I hear about it.. now they are saying even though the company and the FDA knew about it they continued to package and send product out of the plant.. that is just wrong and the FDA should be fined and/or penalized also.

Fran said...

Wow! Oregon had it's first case of animal poisoning in tainted pet food.

10 others are being tested.

If the FDA knew about it, heads should roll. People have died from this. I had heard the company knew, which does make it a criminal act, but that is the first I heard of the FDA knowing.

Do you have a link to the FDA knowing story?

Distributorcap said...

and the assholes on the right want to keep getting rid of govt agencies like the FDA - or weaken them so....

but i think it is their intention to poison everyone except members of their club

Lulu Maude said...

Thanks, Fran. I have wondered which brands were a part of this. Wow.

Fran said...

d cap- I heard someone in the financial sector saying Government needs to not be doing heavy regulating!

3 words- 700 billion bailout

We've had tainted beef, spinach, tomatoes, and peanuts. Pet food contamination 2x now.

Lulu~ The list keeps growing. One wold no think this would be found in pet food, but they probably buy crushed peanut remnants to add as filler to dry pet food.

I noticed I had a peanut butter power par in my desk drawer, and decided I should look it up to see
if it was included on the list. Last I knew there were 400 items on the list, now it's 1600 items.