Sunday, February 15, 2009


Here are some offerings from the the NYC 2009 Fall Fashion show~ I am not much of a fashion buff, but we can indulge in mockery and sarcasm.

Nothing is more practical in the fall than a strapless, shoulderless ultra short dress!
Apparently anorexia is in style.

Not sure what to make of this get up, other than to say it is reminiscent of a faded pink flamingo?
Pink for Fall?

This busy pattern hurts my eyes. How about those spiked red high heel shoes? Not sure I could wear those long enough to make my way the Chiroprachter's Office.

Excuse me~ Which way to the set of Star Trek?
I'm doing an episode called Invasion of the Space Aged Potato Sack!

Red, White & Gawdawful!
Did you know the proper way to dispose of a flag is to BURN IT?

Ooops! She's not a part of the fashion show- the queen of silicon- this lady had her breasts blown up to a size 38KKK.
I have mixed feelings about this- I'm not sure if I would want to sit next to her on a flight- on one hand the elevation pressure might make her chest explode, on the other hand if the implants held up, she would make an excellent flotation device!
It looks as if she had an ass implanted on her chest!


Dr. Know said...

Face it, the MTV/X-Box generation has entered the design world. It's all over but the crying. Taste, that is.

As for the 38KKK - saw those things a couple of weeks ago - what kind of inadequate male, and what pathetic sort of female, would want such a thing... uh... things...

We live in Bizarro World.

Fran said...

Ahhh but the chiropractors are thinking this could be good for their profession.
They will need some specialty designed tables though.....

But it is one way to make your waist & hips look smaller. She will have to avoid balloon artists.....
that could be a serious problem.

I wonder if she added helium, she could achieve loft- like a hot air balloon???

As for the clothing designs??? Pttttttttttttttt

Dr. Know said...

Breasts can be re-done...
Stupid is forever.

What's sad is she has sort of a cute face - minus the peroxide hair and deer-in-the-headlights stare.

Those are gonna be mighty comforting when she's 40 and misanthropic from all the "fine" gentlemen she's gonna meet sporting those babies. I just don't understand the appeal.

Dada said...

This is a fine example of "When brains slip to the nether regions." But look on the bright side -- there's undoubtedly a nationwide tour of strip clubs in her future (There's no shortage of men whose brains have sunk even deeper into their nethers) -- that is, if she can overcome the temptation to refuse the circus' offer for top billing in their *FREAK SHOW TENT*

(Just wondering if her ass - it has to be smaller than her rack - looks like a pair of breasts juxtaposed to these?)

(She'll also have to avoid balloon payments, but maybe should could tour with Joan Rivers in a kind of tribute to "The Wonderful World of Plastics!")

And finally, when she ultimately succumbs, we can spare the cost of funeral expenses by just throwing her in the proper plastics recycling bin! (Hmmmm, No. 2, 3, 5, or 7?)

Fran said...

Well Dada- this lady is *busted*-- no one will ask her if those are real or fake- clearly UNREAL.

There are other career opportunities for her- if she wanted to go into the nautical profession, the safety floatation field could be lucrative. Imagine having her as a lifeguard-- she would not need to use buoyancy devices.... although I'm not sure her bazongas are *Coast Guard Approved*. I understand they do rigorous testing of equipment. Lives are at stake here!

She could go into the sport of boxing- I'm thinking she could deliver a knock out punch with one quick turn.

Then there is hands free driving... she might do well as a cab driver.

If she were a tour guide, some would pay to ride that bus & be fixated on the scenery- without ever glancing out the bus!

You're idea of her final resting place being a recycle bin is great---who'd a thunk this lady was doing her part to save the planet???

D.K. Raed said...

Well I was gonna comment on the anorexia or the platform shoes (didn't anyone learn anything from the late 60's-early 70's ... all those ankle problems), but then ... that bazzanga finale quite literally knocked me over! I think I saw this woman in a store the other day, or her twin. She was attempting to run her credit card through the little card swiper, and ... it just wasn't physically possible. The surgeons who do this should be required to install longer arms and steel spines during the same procedure!

However, you made a good anthropological point about wearing her ass on her chest. There is a whole anthro-school of thought on why human females have such outsized breasts compared to other primates. The "bottom" line is missionary style is the most advantageous for procreation and female satisfaction. One is supposed to imagine a whole long line of primate males who were attracted to the rumps of fems in estrus & who naturally ended up doggy-style. Well so, what might attract these naturally rump-driven human males around to the front side? What, indeed! I'm not making this up, though it is a "butt" one theory.

D.K. Raed said...

ps, why KKK? Who came up with that as a size designation? Some Aryan Nation Asshole?

Fran said...

DK~ I thought the same thing- I don't want anything KKK on my body. More like WTF?

Christopher said...

Do het guys really think this is appealing? She looks deformed.

But hey, what do I know about titties?

Unknown said...

Red, White & Gawdawful!~ True dat!!!

As for Boobs LaRue...pathetic is all that comes to mind. Her skin is so thin if she coughs she could split those suckers wide open.

Fran said...

DK- Butt one theory LOL

Christopher- One would have to be an avid breast enthusiast to find any appeal. Too bad they are not real or functional- or she could single handedly nurse Octomom's litter of 8.

Dusty- LOL If she is going to cough or sneeze, everyone needs to run for cover. Run for your life! She's gonna blow!!!!!