Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tech Trends (Language Warning!)

Since half of our local stations ARE converting to Digital broadcasting today, this little Tech Trends clip seems most appropriate.


Dr. Know said...

Too Funny!
I bought the 128gb model of the Stupid Piece of Shit That Doesn't Work Like Its Supposed To. It was on sale.

I worked at North American Philips while young and dumb, and I can't begin to recall how many times I had to teach elderly couples how to program the timer on their VCRs. Some as many as 8 times before they gave up out of embarassment. I imagine that if they aren't now deceased, they soon will be - from stress induced cardiac arrest.

Annette said...

That's funny... sometimes that's what it seems like too. That's why I always wait and don't buy the crap when it first comes out. It is usually worthless until it has been on the market for a year or so and gets all the bugs out of it.

Dr. Know said...

Even better, Annette, I wait until it ends up discarded and fix it. No one knows how to fix anything anymore and I've revived some really good shit (to draw from George Carlin), albeit a couple of years old. When the Big One falls, I'll be in recycling paradise - if I survive.

Fran said...

Our VCR & DVD players both bit the dust, so Mr. Ramblings bought a 1 box wonder. It is a VCR & DVD player/recorder & serves as a converter box for digital signals as well.
The menu to program it to record really IS a "labyrinthy-maze" that is effing hard to understand, and not user friendly, damn it!

So far he has been able to consult with the hefty instruction manual to get it to record.... but it's complicated enough, he continues to use the 19 step guide to make the $%!#!$#%! #$@# machine @#$#@$ work $%#$% #$%@%#!!!!!

Have a nice day!

Fran said...

Dr K: Yep-- I have an elderly family member who was one of those people who had the time eternally flashing on her VCR, and when you set it, she raved on about what a genius you are.
Showing her how to erase messages off the answering machine eluded her as well, and often one would get the *Message box full-No New Recordings* when trying to call her.
Operating a cell phone proved to be too much, even with custom drawings & some instructions like *DO NOT PUSH THIS BUTTON*
I have other older relatives who have a cell phone, but do not know how to retrieve the voice mail messages from it.

Annette~ I hear you version 1.0 is for sucker/beta testers of the mass market- the Guinea pig demographic. They live to get whatever is the newest tech item to hit the market, and suffer the agony of discovering the bugs & incompatibilities.
Doh! All for one high price!

Dr. Know said...

version 1.0 is for sucker/beta testers of the mass market

Say, you've been in the computer/software business, haven't you?

Fran said...

close enough....