Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Three Dog Night ~ Liar!

Still sticking with a music theme.....
* Ignore the 70's garb/visuals (red pants & white shoes??) unless you want a laugh from garb of the past.....this is for the music element only.

It seems to me we've all been sold a pack of lies.
The billions to Wall Street without investigating what the hell went on there to get immersed in toxic loans?

Even our new president.... as far as I am concerned- is too slow in getting out of Iraq & shutting down Gitmo, and too quick in letting the bombs fly in Pakistan.

I'm not nitpicking Obama's every move.... but the "staying the Course" with ongoing militia/ occupation in Iraq & a surge in Afghanistan are really not happening.

Letting old Ted Stevens skate away without prosecuting him.

The programs designed to help people in this Depression... have as many holes as a sieve.

Insurance COBRA assist packages that don't take into account employers going into bankruptcy.
Worker retraining programs that consider your unemployment check as "income" that disqualifies you from utilizing the resource.

I know it's all new & inherited from the damned Bush admin... but it's still real & it sucks.

There I said it.


Spadoman said...

The honeymoon that people thought they won in November is over. It never really started. Politics is weird for sure. I am extremely upset about the war escalation. The rest of the BS is also hard to swallow. Too many policies, foreign and domestic, are just being allowed and not changed back to a fair people based society. Like Habeus Corpus for example.

Different leader, but still answering to whims of those with the money. The richest people on the planet are politicians. Wonder why they don't want any of their sacred money cows taken from them.

There, I've said more.

Mauigirl said...

I agree, there is more he could do to reverse the Bush policies, especially on human rights (habeous corpus etc). However, there are a lot of ways he has reversed the previous policies, particularly in the smaller things like the environment, etc.

On one hand, I agree that I'd like to see us out of Iraq completely as soon as possible, but on the other hand, it is important to keep Afghanistan stable and to somehow get rid of the Al Qaeda operatives in Pakistan because that's where they all went to and the Pakistani government isn't doing anything to get rid of them.

While I certainly find it a difficult situation, to be concerned about something that's going on in a sovereign nation that has nuclear weapons (do we really want to mess with them???) on the other hand, I live near New York City and sure don't want to see another attack by terrorists. I don't know what the solution is, and am hoping Obama will work with Pakistan to resolve this problem diplomatically.

Obama actually always said he would do more in Afghanistan and Pakistan when he was running for President so these policies shouldn't be a surprise to any of us.

Fran said...

Spado~ There are lots of the "bushit" items that are being allowed to remain- things that should be easy to change- Habeus Corpus, stopping the tax breaks for the wealthiest ASAP- instead of 2 years down the road (maybe?).
We are in the front row seat of the unemployment situation.... the loopholes are really frustrating. Your unemployment "income" prohibits you from a retraining program that would help you get off unemployment??? It does not make sense. We keep hitting that wall ~ of something that puts you just out of reach of qualifying for thee programs, intended to be a lifeline. We continue to tread water... but really need a lifeline here.

You said it well.

Maui~ Obama has done some good things. Although he did "promise" a war surge in Afghanistan, things have really changed since the campaign 2 years ago.

The economy is tanking.... while wars drag us down, the debt is soaring. The Iraq war tab is $611 billion & counting, and our debt is $11 trillion.

We literally do not have the money to be the world police. Things are not the same, and I have serious doubts that throwing billions to Wall Street is actually going to prevent a further financial meltdown..... like it is just a matter of time before this house of cards falls.
Although I agree there has to be some spending to turn the economy around, I totally disagree that spending should be on wars (plural). Since we've logged 7 years now in Iraq & 8 in Afghanistan, it really is time to *pack it out*, rather than *ramp it up*. Although there are some so-called experts who think there needs to be a military solution in Afghanistan, there are just as many other experts who think the exact opposite.
The fact that Obama has been announcing to the world there will be an escalation in Afghanistan, publicly, openly, and even some timelines of when troops will arrive.... the "enemy" they seek to quell has had plenty of time and notice to organize on their end.
Show me the diplomacy!

The drone planes are already dropping bombs in Pakistan.

Imagine if we had put that $611 billion into healthcare.
Even the $2 billion a month we plan on spending in Afghanistan.... into education.

I don't know how it is in your area- but here State budgets are running in red ink, and all the usual suspects of the budget cuts are flying.....
education, senior programs, jail space, fire department ambulance service, etc.

Michael Moore has a gut wrenching video clip up about the County hospital in Nevada that is in serious financial trouble. When we start shutting the door on cancer patients, then it's time for serious reassessment.

Dr. Know said...

It sucks. There, I said it again.
I hate to say this, but the plutocrats are still in full power.
Meet the new boss, same as the old boss - just better spoken.

Fran said...

Damn! Time to get out the torches & pitchforks??

(Angry villagers!)