Monday, August 17, 2009

Let's hear it for the status quo!


Unknown said...

Good video but it was very hard for me to watch all those fuckwits Fran. They disgust me so much.

ps..I have fixed the comment section so you will, hopefully, never have to login. The trolls will just be deleted I guess.

Dada said...

In 1989, I sat next to an American living in Edmonton, Canadian. I was on a flight from Las Vegas, NV to Calgary, CA. We got to talking (and the MORE remarkable part of our conversation I'll omit - it's not relevant here to this conversation) and as an aside I discovered he was a minister in the 'great white north.' I learned further he and his wife were proud parents of a brand new baby, born in Canada. (I know, how very, very sad the damn kid wasn't born in the U S of A, to not be a natural born citizen, right -- just like our illegal president, huh?)

But, out of curiosity, I asked him about the whole process of adding a new addition to the it was "there" vs. "here"?

"No problem," came his reply. "ABSOLUTELY no problem!" he reassured.

"Why is that?" I asked.

"Everything was paid for!"

I have no idea: apparently, he and his wife had been there long enough to qualify for Canadian health care, something all Americans will never do, i.e., live in THIS -- THEIR OWN DAMN COUNTRY long enough to qualify for American health care. That's because there isn't any (that you can afford -- unless you're one of those fortunates in the video).

nonnie9999 said...

they're so fucking dumb, they don't even realize they're being made even bigger fools than they already made of themselves.

D.K. Raed said...

OMG, how fun! Wealthcare! Yeayyy, wooohooo! The statusquo crowd didn't even know they were being punk'd.

looked like it was in phoenix? if so, I admire the dedication of the billionaire club guys wearing full tuxes in that heat!

Fran said...

Dusty~ I know it did apparently go over so many heads. Still we have a billionaires for Bush faction & they had such a good time lampooning all that is wrong, in such a snarky & uppity way.
& How 'bout that pig logo????

Thanks for fixing the comments page-- I enjoy your rants Amiga.

Dada~ I'm, fixing to write up the recap of the local town hall meeting. I'm about ready to move to Canada myself.

Nonnie~ Oh yes! Punk'd for sure.
Although I was amused w the cat conversation....
Privatize the fire department!
The guy saying if I have more money -- they should blow off the fire & rescue my cat first.

She tilted her head in total confusion! Huh????

DK~ Yes indeed survival of the richest.

I'm sure the stretch limo they arrived in had air conditioning.


D.K. Raed said...

I can't hear the song, Puttin' on the Ritz, without thinking of Young Frankenstein, the bit with Gene Wilder and Peter Boyle dancing in tuxes!

and oh yeh, if God loved the poor people he wouldn't let them get sick! At first, I thought how sick is that? But then I remembered that is more or less the idea behind the "C" Street family values crowd!

Fran said...

Young Frankenstein! I love Gene Wilder....

What a skewed perspective-- that whole *I got mine* & screw everyone else.

UNTIL they realize their policies suck too!

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think it's about time somebody stood up for this much neglected population in the US, our billionaires. Glad to see it happening. ;)

It's priceless, Fran. Even more so because so many teabaggers did not get the irony.

Fran said...

Ahh! If you love the snark, you too can start your own local chapter of Billionaires for Wealthcare.

Here is their website:

There you can get PDF files of the same signs they carry.

You have to do the finery of formal grab to go with it though.....

Put together a group of friends for local parades,
show up to the rallies & town hall meetings-- even your congressperson;s office.


Don;t hold back.... bring on the bling, polish up your Tiara & dress to the 9's.

Yea baby!!!!!

Survival of the Richest is at stake here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips, Fran. I may just do it. Have some unworn outfits that desperately need airing, and enough bling to blind the teabaggers and birthers combined, though not enough to pay for my health insurance premiums these days. Oh well.

But I'll gladly do it (start the chapter and prance around) for the cause, since I'm with ya on that: survival of the richest should be our no.1 priority. (And, thankfully, it is.)

Fran said...

Ohhh! It is a wonderful way to make the point.... plus if you have enough bling to blind teabaggers AND birthers.....
well You go girl!

I hope you post pictures.
You know Dahlink..... the Elite RULE!

Hmmm maybe you can get some friends to pose as Congress persons & stuff some money in their pockets. Lots of money.

If only people can realize they are duped & being sold out by a for profit industry that gets rich by denying you care.....
jeez! Where are the angry villagers when you need them???