Sunday, August 30, 2009


Watched the Memorial, Funeral and burial ceremonies of Ted Kennedy.
Such loving tributes to a man who spent a lifetime trying to better himself, and not only to be a public
servant, but care for all the children of his brothers, John & Bobby, whose lives were taken early & needed a father figure.
Even the biblical passage read @ the funeral mass referenced the passage that we are supposed to care for those in need. 
I hope his life's work softens the Senate's hearts to be inspired to honor him by passing a public option health care bill. 

Thank you, Ted Kennedy for your dedication and kind heart. You have inspired us to carry on.


Unknown said...

I watched every single minute of Friday night and Saturday's events.

I wept a lot. I got into politics when I went door to door for Bobby. I can't believe they are all gone now.

At least the three of them will be buried near each other.

Fran said...

Hey Dusty~ I was drawn to hear the comments speakers made-- a true Irish Funeral, with funny stories, and serious things this person did in his life.
So many saying he was there for them when times were hard & the going was rough.
That's when you KNOW who your friends really are-- in the rough times.
Kennedy had a genuinely good heart, and after the assassinations of his brothers could have easily thrown in the towel & quit, saying being a public servant demands too high a price/toll.
He did take a few months after Robert's assassination to regroup, but he came to the conclusion that work must go on.
I found myself shedding tears too--what an amazing life of trials & tribulations, and the love in that huge family.

I hope the senior repubs that were there got the message that his lifelong desire to make health care a human right was realized & they go back to work & put together a decent health care reform in his honor.

Distributorcap said...

the man was the first to admit he had major flaws ---

but for 77 years he never stopped caring and never stopped fighting

and now it is time for him to rest....... in peace ---- since that is what he fought so hard for

Fran said...

DCap ~ In his own words- The work goes on.
If even for a few days, we seemed to have a break from the health care nay sayers.

It has been interesting to hear vintage rants---
on the same topic in 1978- where he hhimself says the cost of his Father's stroke, his son's cancer & his own broken back injury - any ONE of those items would have bankrupted the average family. He was thankful they had the means for the very best care, but realized back then, most average families would have gone bankrupt.

Also dealing with health care catastrophic events is difficult enough, without the additional burden of financial worries.

The prices have only since skyrocketed..... making it even more devastating.