Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Air Waves are a lifeline, Supplies not Troops

You can imagine, getting info in the post earthquake ruins has been difficult.
Having radio to get updates is a lifeline.

They are having to get creative....

It makes sense to give out multiple days supplies of food & water....
But the need is so great.... how will this be sustainable?

In other news there is a dire need for medical supplies & surgical expertise.
12,000 US soldiers arrive armed, with no supply delivery.
Doctors have 1000 in line for surgery & 12 hours of supplies remaining.
No anesthesia or pain meds. Many severe compound fractures.

If the US is going to send troops, they need to send generators for electricity, water, nurses, surgeons & medical supplies.


D.K. Raed said...

Democracy Now is doing a wonderful job of going behind the headlines and giving out real news. I want to link them today if I can figure out how to get back into my blog.

Mohawk on the Dartmouth said...

"If the US is going to send troops, they need to send generators for electricity, water, nurses, surgeons & medical supplies."

I think you have that backwards, of course, it's just my opinion. If the US is going to send generators, water, nurses, surgeons, & medical supplies, they'll need troops to keep order and prevent relief workers from being mobbed by desperate hatians. Without a well seen authority, the entire island would fall into anarchy and chaos.

Fran said...

DK ~ I think Democracy Now is doing an excellent job as well.

Epid~ Not sure you are hearing what is going on.
People who had broken bone injuries that could have easily been treated (if proper medical supplies were there)... but now the breaks are becoming infected, and they are having to do amputations- with no anesthetic. People waiting so long are dying, who in other circumstances could have easily been saved.
As a priority, they need medical surgical supplies & staff.

Many news outlets are reporting that the Haitians are taking care of each other, and have been very graceful, considering the circumstances. There have been some flare ups, but the main population are actually keeping it together. timing to get people rescued from the rubble, and do immediate medical care are really a priority.
Sending in armed troops rather than the medical supplies means much more suffering & death.

Troops standing in the streets with rifles is not what is really needed right now.
Reporters are saying the epicenter had not received any help (it is in worse shape than port au prince) but because someone said there are security issues, have not received help & there are no security issues. People need medical help, water & food.

Other countries helping- Cuba, China, Israel sent medical & rescue teams....

If the US can get the port up & running- helping the flow of relief or get the airport back w a tower & electricity so it can operate 24/7 instead of daylight only.... that would be helpful.

Mohawk on the Dartmouth said...

Immense suffering exists in places like Darfur, but I don't see any blog posts addressing that issue. I don't see the US doing anything about that either.

I'm also waiting to hear from Kanye West that Barack Obama hates black people.

I mean, if Bush hated black people because of the slow response to Katrina, then surely Barack Obama hates black people for sending troops instead of food and medicine to Haiti.

I'm glad you're making people aware with blog posts, but I'm surprised someone so concerned about Haitian plight, hasn't even posted a Red Cross Haiti Relief widget on your blog. Maybe you weren't aware there is one available. You can find the widget in 3 sizes here:

We can agree to disagree on the appropriateness of sending troops to Haiti.