Saturday, January 30, 2010

Elections of the Future?


A World Quite Mad said...

Hey, this is great. It goes right along with our new and improved Declaration of Independence, because you know, our forefathers got it all wrong. They really wanted us to live in serfdom, under massive Corporate Oligarchs.

In the 21st century, there is no democracy or democratic republic, only Corporatocracy. And don't say anything bad about a brand you don't like. They'll be suing you for libel next.

Fran said...

WQM ~ It was a real blow to any semblance or remnants of democracy.

But another thing worth noting- this was a 5-4 vote. For those who say forget it, I'll never vote again, we have to realize who is appointing Supreme Court Justices matters.

I know, we may have to hold our noses to vote, or literally vote against the candidate who you think would do more harm, & that is a wretched state of affairs.