Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Just got word Grandpa is in the ER this morning, his pacemaker has gone awry.
Last week, he took a fall in Occupational therapy- doing exactly what they had instructed him to do.
I can't help but wonder if these things are related?
Still Grandpa endured chemo last year, and as he was recovering, he fell and broke his hip. He is still recovering from the hip surgery, and now this.
Holding Grandpa Mac in the light this morning.
Love you Grandpa!


nonnie9999 said...

get better soon, grandpa.

Mauigirl said...

Hope he's OK, thinking of you both and sending healing thoughts.

Christopher said...

I won't give false hope but the reality is, elderly folks break their hips today and many of them recover.

Jim tells stories of folks who get bumped down from the Ortho floor to the Medical floor and they go home.

A bit worse for wear but they pull through. I hope this is the outcome from your grandfather.

Fran said...

Grandpa's pacemaker did not go bad-- it was responding to his dropping blood pressure & racing heartbeat. it kicked into defib 3 x while he was in the ER-- the entire day.
He also has a monster infection in the new hip area & from a sore he'd developed when he first took the fall & broke his hip.
The fluid is being cultured.... but they may be dealing w staph & maybe sepsis... they have him on 3 big guns IV antibiotics.

They moved him into ICU sometime after 10 pm. last night. Grandma had said he was "non responsive" yesterday.... but the ICU nurse told me he was responsive. He also said they had him relatively stable, but he'd be staying in ICU till they got everything sorted out.

Meanwhile GRandma is experiencing major atril fib, and wants to have an ablation done.

Whoah! The whole thing is very fragile right now.

Thanks for your kind thoughts.

Life As I Know It Now said...

I hope things are looking up for your grandfather. Take care of yourself and peace be with you.

Fran said...

Not looking good.
They want to go back in to the hip replacement (done in October) and flush out infection.

Grandpa said no more surgery.

They wanted to do surgery tomorrow, on Friday.

He has more opportunities to learn more of his options, and rethink his decision. We all will respect whatever he decides.... but I'll admit, tears came streaming down when I got this update.

We don't want him to suffer anymore.
But we want him here with us.

I'm sure he is thinking, let a higher power decide- especially after a rough entire day in the ER with his heart/pacemaker going into defib 3 times.

Plan B is to bring in an infection specialist.