Saturday, January 2, 2010

Rock Solid Wisdom

A little background-- Oregon State has two ballot measures we will be voting on, Jan 26th.
Basically, both are *tax the rich* measures, that fix grossly outdated tax laws. The 90 page booklet arrived in the mail-- mostly filled with arguments for & against the measures. I like to flip through the pages & see who is endorsing & opposed to the measures. Some of them are downright amusing & comical, others make you spit your coffee across the table. I asked Mr. Ramblings if h would like to read the booklet, but he declined. "Tax the rich", he said in his to the point commentary.

The local paper has had a number of editorials- ranging from opinions with biblical quotes, and misquotes.... someone thought they were posting a biblical quote, but it was actually a Karl Marx quote! I decided why not quote a Rock & roll song? So here is the editorial I sent to the local paper:

Rock & Roll Wisdom

Regarding Tax ballot measures 66 & 67, I'd like to quote the band "10 Years After", their song titled: I’d love to change the world. Many have quoted the Bible or Karl Marx, I’m going to reference rock & roll lyrics:

"Tax the rich, feed the poor

Till we run out, rich no more

Population, keeps on breedin'

Nation bleedin', still more feedin'


More pollution, there's no solution

Restitution, mass confusion

Spread the word

Rich or poor

Save the earth

Stop the war

~I'd love to change the world”

Lane County has a 15.7% poverty level (U.S. Census bureau, 2008 figures). Lane County jobless rate hit 14.2% in 2009 (11.1% Statewide). The median income is approximately $50,000, with many people making under that amount. There are more than 3000 children in 4J & Bethel School districts living in poverty (family of 4 making less than $22,050)-many more children and families are struggling than the census figures show. You could be making a little bit more than $22,050 with a family of four and still have a very tough time.

It is only fair those making $250,000 (joint filers) or $145,000 (individual) that you kick in more taxes to support education, public safety, and general services. Time to answer the call for basic needs of humanity.

Please join me in voting YES on measures 66 & 67.

Here is the song I am referring to~

The good news is there are ONLY these two measures on the ballot, not a dozen or more that tends to confuse the masses. I think Oregonians are smart enough to not buy the "job killer" ad campaigns the rich have rolled out.

They even stooped so low as to quote Obama saying "raising taxes in a recession is the last thing you want to do" -- these are the birther, teabagger types trying desperately to keep their coffers of cash in their pockets & not pay their fair share- I doubt they are Obama supporters- so much as they are desperate.


D.K. Raed said...

You mean Karl Marx didn't write one of the gospels?!?! Some of the new testament sounds very communistic to me!

Dada said...

Fran: You got my vote -- if I can vote 'absentee'.

(Always liked this song -- I'm beginning to suspect one can find all of man's wisdom in the lyrics of one song or another.)

Fran said...

DK ~ The gospel according to Karl, or Groucho?

Dada~ There's a lot of good wisdom in Rock & Roll songs.
I'm just glad these measures are not written in a convoluted way-- yes means no, no means yes...

I suspect there are a lot more people in the lower pay range who would gladly approve a more fair tax arrangement.

Let it be!

Fran said...

The Marx quote, that was said to be biblical (in error)
"From each according to ability; to each according to need."

In one measure, those companies paying the $10 minimum tax, would now pay $150- still less than what the min tax would have been if it had been adjusted for inflation since 1931.

1931! WTF!

But for the fat cat high roller corporations that have make more than $100 million the tax could be up to $100,000.

7% of Oregon;s corporations make over $10 million would pay combined taxes of $78 million.

Nursing homes, medical suppliers, public safety & health & education sectors are in favor of the measure.

231 corporations make more than $100 million would pay the most.

Intel microchip maker
Nike (Oregon's only Fortune 500 company)
paid $5000 to a PAC to oppose the measure

Nike chairman (Uncle Phil Knight) personally donated $50,000 to defeat the 2 measures.

Oregon Bankers Association $125,000 to fight the tax

Insurance companies $75,000

Weyerhaeuser $52,572

Assoc. of Realtors $50,100

Since Oregon does not have a sales tax, average taxpayers pay a hefty % of taxes.

* Info from the Register Guard.

If you make a lot of money, you should pay more taxes.