Wednesday, February 24, 2010

bearing it....

I feel like this bear on it's back, (only w foot propped up on a pillow!)
Very hard to be productive in this position.

A big one finger salute to Blue Cross/BS for telling me they have a new program where I am supposed to print up my own forms to submit for reimbursement of pre tax medical expenses.

Oh hell no! I will not be paying to print up forms.
" The insurer paid 39 senior executives $1 million each in 2008 and spent $27 million on 103 executive retreats in 2007 and 2008." Not only did I not go on any corporate retreats, I was on a 2 year pay freeze. Furthermore, Florida BC/BS experienced a $550 million dollar profit in 2008.
Print your own damned forms!


nonnie9999 said...

tell them that you don't have a printer and that they'll have to mail you the forms. when you get them, call them and scream that you still haven't gotten the forms. make the shitheads pay for postage twice.

Fran said...

What a great idea Nonnie! They charge about $20 bucks for 2 teaspoons of printer ink.
You win the brilliant idea of the day award!

Dada said...

I absolutely love Nonnie's idea.

Of course, stepping out of character and into the cynic's hat for a second:

If enough folks got mad as you Fran (getting a tad testy, are we? ) and were to start employing Nonnie's smart suggestion, I foresee a whole new category of insurance companies denying folks health care for pre-existing conditions: printerless people.

"We simply can NOT allow insureds cutting into OUR profits by THEM expecting US to provide THEM with the necessary forms to file claims." (probably with the hope if they have a minor health calamity, they won't even bother to file any claim at all, right? It works well with those stupid mail-in rebates so many forgo hassling with.)

Fran said...

When you see their profit margins, and my annual salary, they really should be printing the forms.

Spadoman said...

That bear looks pretty content and happy. Hope you're doing better as well.


Mauigirl said...

The IRS doesn't send forms anymore either - my father-in-law had to nag them several times before they sent him a form. They want you to print them out on line. Only problem is, a lot of older people still aren't on line. So what are they supposed to do?

Fran said...

Thanks Spado, I am feeling somewhat better.

Maui ~ I once spent an entire weekend trying to chase down some rare form.
As for elders w/o access, I think most places have elder tax help programs, where an assistant might be able to print them up,,,, but maybe not?
Calling the IRS for anything is crazy!

I once listened to the entire Neil Young CD titled
"Everyone knows this is nowhere" while on hold to ask the IRS a question.
The question was the cut off date for a minor child (high school student) as an exemption ends when they turn 18 regardless of if they are a full year dependent & live at home?

Yep- the cut off age is 17.
Even if your child turned 18 on December 31!
No pro rating.

Honestly-- that year of graduation is probably one of the most expensive years.

I am dreading starting taxes.

Fran said...

OK here is the follow up~

They sent me the forms, but NO ENVELOPES.

Can't wait to read about what their 2010 profits & bonuses are!

Welcome to the 21st Century: Pay More get less.