Sunday, February 21, 2010

literally laid up...

The after hours Doctor said it is Stasis Dermatitis. He put me on a huge dose of Cipro antibiotic & said I must MUST remain flat on my back, with the lower leg propped up higher than my heart. That gets old fast. I could do that while on the couch & watch the Olympics- caught the Women's ariel wipe out event yesterday. It is supposed to be in the 50's again in the Pacific NW, so they have some pretty sloppy, funky snow to deal with.

Anyway, the laptop on the belly in this leg up position is strange, so I am going light on the blogging.

"Tawk amongst yourselves.... I'll give you a topic... the meaning of life.... discuss"
SNL fans will understand!


nonnie9999 said...

oy vey! that doesn't sound very good. just rest, and maybe listen to a little barbra streisand. she's like buttah! don't worry about the blog while the shpilkis in your genechtagazoink is healing. we'll all be here when you get back. i have to stop now, because i'm getting a little ferklempt. get well soon, bubbeleh.

Fran said...

Oh! You are well versed on your Cawfee tawk w Linda Richman! We must bow at the altar of
Bawbrahhhh! Tawk about the queen of crooners!!! None bettah!

Damn that genechtagazoink flaring up like that.
What a crazy world we live in! The things they can do with medicine...

thanks for stawpping by, go ahead without me....
I'll be OK....
send my love to the blogosphere.

And bring some chicken soup next time you visit, if you think of it, and it's not too much to ask.

Mauigirl said...

Oh, so sorry to hear this, Fran! Feel better soon.

Meaning of life? Enjoy it all you can!

Dada said...

Fran: -- Wow, so sorry to hear you are out of 'commish' -- Hope you can be back up and at it soon, altho it may take a little shile.

This couldn't have happened at a worse time, what with that $.19 an hour raise probably just burning a hole in your pocket.

Don't let your spirit get down. And, for Pete's sake, that leg neither. Seriously, hope you're much better real soon.

BTW, with Cipro under your belt, does this mean you'll have immunity from the next anthrax attacks? Sure hope so.

D.K. Raed said...

life ... it's neither a tawpic nor has any meening ... tawking about it will give you no nachas. now pass the matzah for a mitzvah for your leggalah!

Fran said...

Maui~ Sage advice!

Dada~ Oh yea, that get poor quick scheme averaged out to 9.5 cents raise per year.
That is soooo bad, it not only does it not cover the cost of living, but it might not even cover the cost of dying!

Thanks for pointing out the double perk of anthrax coverage, w the antibiotic--- we should probably keep it on the down low, because if big pharma gets wind of it, they will charge double the cost! It was $80 for 10 days of pills.

DK~ You are such a smawwt girl Already figguged out the meaning of life. I bet you will be a Doctah or Lawwwwyah when you grow up. I'm ovvahwelmed.... taking tyme to breathe.

Christopher said...

Everyone is suffering from some sort of difficult to treat skin infection right now!

Cellulitis is in the news. Reports of outbreaks in high schools and elementary schools and some of it is antibiotic resistant.

Jim sees it every day at on the Med Surg floor and it crosses age and gender lines.

I wonder if we're using too much antibiotic soap? I'm obsessed with it and use continually. I wonder if I'm killing good germs?

Anyway, feel better.