Friday, June 18, 2010

Mr. Hayward goes to Washington

A congressional hearing for the BP CEO took place yesterday. A little overview of how that went....

But Joe Barton Rep R-Texas started the hearing with an Apology! Barton feels it is a shame that a private company is required to pay for the damages they did. Joe thinks we should wait for due process.
Guess what Joe-- there are more than 6000 lawsuits filed against BP, including 11 wrongful death lawsuits, and a host of Federal Environmental laws, that were broken. Perhaps Joe can't see the truth for all the oil refineries in the State of Texas? The people who lost their livelihoods as a result of BP's disaster still need to make mortgage payments, pay the bills & eat. The banks that would foreclose, repossess, or go after late or non-payments with hefty fines & fees are not going to wait for due process. They need relief NOW, and they need not apologize.
Afterward, flip-flop Joe apologized for his apology to BP.  He is one sorry politician!

Joe is ashamed.... unprecedented to ask a company to set up a damage fund.
Hello Joe.... this is an unprecedented environmental disaster!
I for one am glad that Obama did this. We should not let the Mega corporation slink away 
from their responsibilities. It is one thing to promise on camera to the media that they will "make this right", quite another to actually pay. Plus it is set up with independent oversight- neither corporation or government. By the way, I"m sure BP broke enough environmental 
laws that 20 billion will not be enough. Put the people first & take care of their immediate 

Rachel Maddow has a great rant.


Christopher said...

BP CEO Tony Hayward was demoted today!



nonnie9999 said...

i watched a lot of that hearing, and if i could have reached into the tv, i would have smacked tony upside his head. bp's attorneys prepped him well so that he didn't say anything of consequence.

Fran said...

I think Hayward is still CEO, just no longer the spokesperson. I'm sure he's probably on the edge of a breakdown.
His monotone responses were zombie-like.

Props to the Code Pink Lady who staged her one woman protest. Way to rant girl!!!

nonnie~ It was disgusting..... his staged calm /cool "I was not involved in that decision"
really? You just run the company?
Someone at the top decided they needed a bigger profit margin. Random middle management people bring their orders from the top. You know how this all plays out- corporations are a top down organization.