Friday, September 30, 2011


I spared you viewing the actual surgery footage!

I was told in 2008 that I needed to have a TKR- Total Knee Replacement surgery, & have literally limped along  until now.  This knee is toast & probably the reason I put it off, was because I'd had the other knee replaced in 2005- so I know firsthand just how difficult the surgery & recovery are.
Don't be fooled by this prozac voiced announcer- this is a major invasive surgery w lots of heavy carpentry (sawing, cutting, hammering)- it hurts like hell & has a huge stitch line.
But I hit the wall w pain & there is no denying the bone on bone experience.

 I'm going in for a major tune up.
Also a future disclaimer for typos or incoherent  pain med induced posts in the near future.
You have to take heavy duty pain meds to get through the post op therapy sessions.

Wish me luck!


Dada said...

Oh wow -- so sorry to hear this. Much, much luck to you! We spoke with our nephew last weekend -- after his rotator cuff surgery. The one who lost his job after nearly 30 years because of his shoulders. It was a 3.5 hour surgery after which he was sent home! Suffered horrendous pain for a couple of days afterward. (He'll have the other done in 4-5 mos.) Anyway, his experience brings to mind. Is this knee replacement (which seems way more major); is that done on an outpatient basis or do you get to stay a night of two afterwards? Did you experience a lot of pain immediately afterwards with the first one (hope not)? Anyway, hope it goes very smoothly for you (as smoothly as those things can possibly go). And not to worry about your future typos and slurring -- we're used to those. (JUST KIDDING, JUST KIDDING! Ramblings is always done quite impeccably.) Again, best of luck to you.

nonnie9999 said...

hope this one goes better than the last one. maybe it won't be as bad since you know what to expect. it might make you more anxious leading up to surgery but more calm afterwards. best of luck, sweetie. i'll be thinking of you.

D.K. Raed said...

It is a damn hard surgery so I know you must be in terrific pain (both before and immediately after). But the end result will be TWO good knees ... a titanium twosome ... doubly bionic!

Tell Nurse Ratchet not to be stingy with the pain meds. Soon you'll be back home ... and then the fun will really begin (crutches, walker, sadistic rehab techs) ... be grouchy ... you've earned it!

Dada, it is a 3-4 day hosp stay. No way will they release Fran until she can get in/out of a car and walk up/down a few stairs. EK had the same knee surgeries last yr and said at times the pain level was 8 out of 10 (10 being the point at which you think you are dying). The first few weeks are rough.

Sending Fran many good wishes for an uncomplicated recovery!

Christopher said...

I'm glad you're going to take care of it.

You can't live with bone-on-bone pain.

Ask for lots of narco-pain control meds.

Good luck.

Fran said...

i hate the idea of drive by surgeries. A friend had a drive by mastectomy- home the same day, but then had the stitch line blow out & had to go back.
As for pain-- a freight train of pain even after adding a femoral nerve block. It is a major invasive surgery. I like having a built in excuse for typos & such.

Fran said...

at times the pain level was 8 out of 10 (10 being the point at which you think you are dying). The first few weeks are rough.

DK Yes & yes, Oy!

Fran said...

Nonnie ~ I can hardly type. thanks for the well wishes. Lots o pain & cussing.
Hope these next weeks go well & quickly.

Christopher.... Pain meds essential In full swing... but the knee is not!

Hell of a surgery. = (

Christopher said...

Where are you in the recovery?

PT yet? Jim said it is critical to follow your surgeon's instructions to the letter.