Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A bird in the bush

For real! We were doing yardwork last weekend & I realized how much things had become overgrown.
I was clipping away with handclippers when a bird came out squawking angrily at me.
Whoah! This bird was pretty serious. Must be a nest. But she flew out the other end of the 7 foot expanse & I thought the nest was at that end.... only to discover the nest & baby birds were right where I was clipping!  We placed some large fir branches over the nest zone to protect the nest... and now it is off limits to being disturbed. Jeepers creepers! A whole basket of peepers!

I think they are Spotted Towhee's, but if anyone is an avid birder & can advise what kind of bird they are.... do tell. I combed through a bunch of songbird sites trying to identify the bird-- found more birds that it is NOT than an exact match!

The Momma chirps beautiful songs, like I have never heard before, when she is happy!

Baby bird photo of the birds in our yard. 
The photo below, resembling the Momma is a stock photo. 

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