Thursday, October 23, 2008


I fulfilled my patriotic duty & hand delivered my ballot today ~ I voted!

I want the Revolution to begin! There should be nothing close about this election. Good God! How bad do things have to get before people embrace change? Really, I hope for a resounding landslide win for Obama.

It feels like a relief actually, I don't need to hear anymore from the candidates, especially coming on the heels of the irresponsible spending spree of RNC money. Which really only proves you can put fancy clothes on a candidate, but it will NOT make them smarter. Enough!

Enough of all of it! The prejudice, lies, hatemongering, slander, human rights abuses, environmental irresponsibility, wars for profit, ignoring the needs of the masses, and all the other abuses of power and money. Enough!!!!

Oregonians had quite the task this year, having to endure a hot Senate race, looking to replace one Republican Gordon Smith. His ads have been nasty and flooded the airwaves for months. Gordon, you lost me when you did the grandstand speech about how you could no longer support an illegal and immoral war, and proceeded to fund every additional billion of dollars Bush asked for war. No Sir! You need to step down.
We also had two volumes of ballot measures. Volume One: 155 pages, Volume Two: 45 pages.
Thankfully, the League of Women Voters & another Progressive paper narrowed it down.
The fricking ballot was so big it requires a 59 cent stamp. At first the county said ballots with insufficient postage would be returned.... but the next day they announced they would cover the cost. Voters can hand deliver their ballots as well.

Anyway~ I am voting for the Revolution..... for That One.... for a different direction.

I have always contended, when the question of experience surfaced with Obama, if Experience is what we have in the White House right now, I'll take inexperience any day.
But I don't believe Obama lacks in all the things that matter. A calm disposition. An intelligent mind. A conviction that things can not be done the same way, that we must do things differently. Education in foreign affairs (Political Science) , and the Constitution. He understands the value of education, and how funding it is good for the Country. Obama is our best hope to turn the tides on the worst period and presidency in American history.

Now it's time for you & me--- Got a Revolution?


billie said...

hopefully, americans at all levels will continue to fight against the gop war against american voters. there have been many setbacks for the gop but they are a tenacious and entrenched lot and they have already started the new american civil war.

Fran said...

I hear ya. Right now I am hanging on to hope that we can steer this country in a totally different direction.
I can't tell you how good it feels to have voted. I'm hoping for Obama & a sweeping change to the left in Congress. In any case, much work ahead for sure....
one way or another we need a revolution!

enigma4ever said...

Woooooo Hoooooooo

enigma4ever said...





Fran said...

HI Enigma~ Not only did I vote which was so relieving to me... I feel like I can breathe now...

There was a conversation with a middle of the road voter, who said the Palin factor bothered her from the beginning. That she was a "gimmick", but the low down divisiveness pushed her over the edge. She was impressed with how Obama has conducted himself & how she felt he'd earned her vote by taking the high road in this election.

She was going to hand deliver her ballot today as well ~ not because of the additional postage issue, but just so the post office can't screw it up.

Two other total strangers chimed in as well. All the tricks & nastiness of the McCain camp has only backfired. It seems people are not buying it, and they are compelled to vote for Obama.

There was this wave the last few days-- Colin Powell not only endorsing Obama, but coming out & saying what needed to be said re diversity & the Muslim factor. It really needed to be said, and it was quite powerful coming from him, and said so eloquently- invoking the idea of an innocent child maybe wanting to be president, and the soldier who died for this country. He presented it in a way that stopped the rhetoric.

All that combined has me feeling pretty good right now. Plus there was some poll about the huge percentage advantage Obama has.... which is good, but I don't put lots of stock in polls. The volumes of crowds Obama is pulling in is amazing & keeps on growing.

It feels like momentum, and like people are starting to see the light. Then again, I live in Blue State.
I've seen glimpses of the fringe other side. Bah!
I can;t give that energy now.

I want to think good thoughts, and visualize Obama at his inauguration, and our country getting a bit more sane.

Christopher said...

I have to wait till Nov. 4th.

I'm volunteering to drive anyone to the Fire Station who needs a ride.

I can fit 4 in my SUV.

Fran said...

Christopher! Very cool of you to offer transport to vote. I hope there is dancing in the streets by the end of that day.
We NEED to get our country back.

D.K. Raed said...

YEAAY! You got to vote, and what's more since OR is all paper ballots, you are pretty sure your votes will be counted! But wow, what a messy long ballot you had to sift through (reminds me of when I lived in CA).

My travels today took me by two of the early vote places here. The parking lots were jam-packed. Good sign? Here in UT, could just be calling out the faithful GOPs. We're gonna try early-voting Mon or Tues.

Fran said...

It is heartening to see record crowds of voters (Obama voters, that is!). I am encouraging people to vote early if it is an option, that way folks with a tighter work schedule can have less of a logjam on the final day.
The unreliable voting machines will be overworked on Nov 4th, and may cause extremely long waits. I have a great deal of respect for folks who wait in line 6 to 8 hours to vote.
I'm already hearing about waiting lines of 2 hours or more in Florida & Michigan.