Sunday, October 26, 2008

Voting Tips & Project Video your Vote

PBS & You Tube have launched project VIDEO YOUR VOTE

They are asking people to video document your voting experience.

Hold your democracy accountable!

They also had this clip about Voting do's & don'ts

* Do NOT take a provisional ballot if the electronic machines are down for a while because your vote may or may not be counted.

• If you have been purged off the voter registration, insist on filling out a provisional ballot.

“But wait - are you really allowed to take video at the polls???”

Most states do allow you to film at your polling place. However, there are some states that expressly prohibit videotaping and others that have strict rules about how close you can tape near a polling place. For the most up-to-date information on your area, visit…
In any location, basic rules of decency apply (don’t film others without their consent, and don’t campaign for any particular candidate), but documenting your experience at the polling place in most places is as much a right as voting itself.
We encourage participants to think creatively - the videos don’t necessarily have to be taken at the polling place, they just need to be related to the topic of voting.


Mariamariacuchita said...

Oh, darn, I voted last week in early voting. However, this is a great idea. And I am so loving that pumpkin.

Fran said...

Hi Maria~ I voted last week too, but other areas are having a few hour waits already & voting machine *irregularities* (full of ???), so I wanted to put out the word for folks who have yet to vote to borrow or use their video cameras to document voting issues.
I hope it goes smoothly, but having issues documented on film is an excellent idea.

Fran said...