Thursday, October 9, 2008

Voting for positive change

I wish we could fast forward to election day. I see this great picture of a loving family, who has already made so many sacrifices to try to help this country. I have a great deal of respect for the Obama family, willing to take on a leadership role in the post Bush era. Let's face it, our country is at an all time low, on every front. But in election season, as politicians become desperate, and they do not have a solid record of their own to promote, they resort to the low road, and baseless attacks. The photo shown above is not the profile of someone who "pals around with domestic terrorists". It is absurd.

While these desperate politicians try to play the fear and slander cards, who can help but notice the lack of interviews that are on topic and focused are kept to a historic minimum. Specifically, Palin's interviews have been a disaster. She fails in this format, because she can't answer the questions. We can't have leaders who only have lists of talking points as their base of knowledge, running the country. That is absurd, and dangerous.

John McCain has sold his soul to try to be president, by trading off long standing values, like no torture, and strict compliance with the Geneva Conventions. A person who was a prisoner of war would be most likely demand solid rules of engagement, with special regard to prisoners or detainees of war. That is a fundamental, moral trade off that is not acceptable.
How could he? Along with the lifelong promotion of deregulation, at a time when the economy is in a historic, catastrophic, major meltdown- how does he defend his position? More absurdity, and more dangerous.

It's too bad we have to endure this final gasp. We need positive change. We need to take a sharp turn away from the course we have been mired in for eight long years.
As a voter, I want answers, dignity, and honesty.
The stakes are too high for anything less.

Let Freedom Ring ~ MLK Tribute


Distributorcap said...

Palin's interviews have been a disaster. She fails in this format, because she can't answer the questions.

she fails because she is an idiot who doesnt deserve to clean moose shit from a cage

we deserve a person like obama -- but sadly a lot of america thinks we deserve 4 more years of mcbush because he has DONE so well ---

we are becoming more and more an angry people... i worry what will happen even if obama is elected

Fran said...

There certainly is some serious ugliness rearing it's head in this country, and McPalin is doing their best to stir it up. Because they have nothing to offer.

We have to forge ahead & do our best to get Obama in office.

If anything just to save our collective souls.

LET'S TALK said...

Its scary how those that can cause hate and everything else or those that seem to be the ones with no mind at all. I was going to ask how did she (Palin), ever become Governor but I cannot because she is the VP for the Republican party.

Christopher said...

I think Obama will hold onto his lead despite whatever the GOP, the RNC and the Old Coot's campaign throws at him.

It's as if the stars are aligned for Barack Obama. He's going to be our next president and then the arduous process of cleaning up the mess left from 8 years of Bush/Cheney can begin.

Fran said...

Let's Talk~ Good point, It's difficult to listen to her speak... or should I say speakin' ?

Christopher: I get that sense of the Stars being aligned for Obama too. McCain's campaign is just sad & pathetic, now in a rapid decline.

It's bad news the economy is tanking, but the timing of it is good news. Better people know about it BEFORE the election.

DivaJood said...

We have to do our best to get Obama elected, and if it doesn't happen, let's all move to Australia or New Zealand.

billie said...

i know what you mean. it seems like we just need to be done already. january can't get here fast enough for me.