Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Post Debate Update

We know he can say it, "my friends", but who is he talking about exactly?

Talk about the economy all you want, and praise the workers-- but Brother- can you spare a job?

The Town Hall "Debate" was a yawner. I am ready to vote.....
What did you think about it?


billie said...

the format sucked and i stopped being interested when neither answered alan's first question of the night. i felt obama won but mccain didn't crash and burn. much like the biden/palin debate but i really feel biden did a better job as far as debates go. obama clearly enjoys talking to people and seemed very relaxed and natural. and, he has the luxury of not being on the defensive for 15 years or so of crap policies.

Mariamariacuchita said...

yep, just let me get in the voting booth. I love the moveon.org ad...

Of course, I was also trying to get a one-year old to sleep simultaneously, but the town hall format was boring and has lost its appeal.

The questions were, I suspect, censored, watered down, vague and innocuous.

Fran said...

betmo: I did not like the format either- not enough time to answer, or do a rebuttal. McCain was allowed to go overtime, but Obama was chastised for it.
That hurts-your-eyes red carpet layout was strange, and Brokaw should remain retired.

maria: your task of getting a 1 year old to sleep was probably more compelling than this format.
I felt like I was just hearing reruns of the same soundbites.

DivaJood said...

I almost took a hammer to my telly when McCain said the lobbyists were bad. Then I remembered it wasn't my telly's fault that he's a lying sack of shit.

Fran said...

Well, my friend, Diva, I'm sure you took comfort in knowing Johnny thinks saving Social Security & Medicare will be "easy". He even named other people who did so in the past!
So now that the economy is tanking, the baby boomers will increase volume, SS was already in trouble before the shit hit the fan, and cost of living, and medical expenses are astronomical... we can sigh a collective sigh of relief-- this will be an easy fix.
Just a little stroll down memory lane. Ahhhh