Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ultimate Deadbeat

I am NOT making this up. I heard this story on the local news tonight.
An economy in crisis is hitting one of the places you'd least expect -- the cemetery.

Twin Oaks Cemetery near Corvallis, Oregon, is under foreclosure.

The cemetery property owner had no comment.

I've never heard of such a thing--

Do they evict the "residents"???


Dada said...

Ah, "Eternal care!"

Fran said...

At first I wondered if it was some kind of halloween prank-- but it is for real. Can you imagine getting that notice in the mail? Dearly beloved..... bad news, looks like this eternal resting place thing is not going to work out. We need you to move your relative by the end of the month. Ugh!

This situation lends itself to all kinds of bad jokes.

Hey! Good to see you on the internets.
I'm hoping you will come back from your sabbatical, fresh & ready to write about these interesting times we live in. Oy!

enigma4ever said...

Oh so good to see Dada..I was reading your post and thinking damn- wish Dada was here he would have a pithy comment...and there he was - and the perfect comment...

So seriously do they evict ???
or do they let them squat ???

6 feet under has a whole new meaning.....

Robert Rouse said...

This is bullshit! It's obvious from the photo that most of these graves are over a century or two old. What kind of person would have the audacity to even suggest such a thing? Never mind, I forgot we were still living under the Bush regime.

Fran said...

Another Bush legacy? I don't know what will happen- I was speculating about the need to move the residents.... they probably treat it like a home foreclosure-- put it up for bid?
But it is pretty creepy that under the Bush regime, his policies will haunt you even after you've gone to the great beyond.
Just when you thought you'd heard it all!