Thursday, October 23, 2008

The sad underbelly of this election

Well said Michael Moore & I second the motion. I'm ready for all that garbage to be hauled off to where it belongs-- in the dump.
Let us cut the crap, and look at who is doing the pork barrel spending before she even sets foot in to be Queen of the Senate.
I am going to post Powell's interview here as well, because he said what needed to be said & coming from him, made it even more powerful. I've listened to it a few times now & it is historic, and relevant. Give it another listening to.
Thanks to Enigma for posting the photo Powell referred to . The picture speaks 1000 words.


D.K. Raed said...

I think that once Obama is elected, we as a country can finally begin to heal the racial scars that have divided us for so long. About time!

And yeah, McC-P screech about "transferring wealth" and "classwarfare" like that isn't EXACTLY what has been ocurring beginning with Reagan & reaching full-throttle under W. They're just angry that the country has gotten its collective head out of its collective ass long enough to realize where all the money went.

Fran said...

This whole focus on Joe-the-plumber schtick is insulting. That is the core/heartbeat of the McCain platform?
The economy is up in flames, banks are going down like 5000 pound ACME lead weights, the war is dragging on, and they are talking about joe-the-plumber for that pro america down home effect?
While they live in the realms of the oober wealthy- have so many homes, McCain lost count & Sarah spends campaign money for a totally elite wardrobe, which is against campaign spending rules.
I've seen nasty political campaigns before, but this one is prize winning hypocrisy.

Only some kind of ignorant prejudice would allow someone to vote for such an ill fated group.