Friday, July 3, 2009

Mavericky or Fishy.... you decide!

Slate Magazine/ John Dickerson wrote of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's resignation:

"Maybe she's just being mavericky? Perhaps. That's certainly how she framed her departure. To stay in office as a lame duck would have been to do the predictable thing, she said. But the challenge for Palin in the 2008 presidential campaign and again now is persuading voters that her maverick instinct isn't just unpredictability and erratic behavior—qualities that can turn maverick-ness into a liability. Only dead fish go with the flow, she said, in what was a welcome addition to the political phrase book. But if you're not swimming with the current, your options are still tough ones: Either you're swimming upstream, or you're flapping around on the dock."

"The larger reason for Palin's early departure was that she was having no fun. Ever since she returned to Alaska from the national stage, being governor has been a chore. Her political opponents have launched 15 ethics charges against her. The state economy has turned sour, and she got into an ugly squabble over federal stimulus funds. It's much more enjoyable to travel the country waving to adoring crowds of GOP activists."

It's true Sarah Palin is a kind of cash cow for the Republicans, but methinks there is something fishy about Palin's patriotic weekend resignation. Is there more lucrative money for Sarah in some other endeavor? Does she have some scandal brewing she can't bear to handle the public & media scrutiny over?

I sure do hope Palin is not gearing up for another presidential run. It was hard enough to endure the last one. All that blinking & winking, and beauty queen strutting, while inciting hate and a crowd of angry villagers. 

Forget the fish analogy-- Palin is a trainwreck!


Fran said...

Hat tip to Enigma for the Dipstick poster......

Fran said...

Palin did not want to be a lame duck.... instead she is a *dead duck*.

Better bring back the voodoo doctor for a re-exorcism.

D.K. Raed said...

And you HAD to post her winky-wink photo THREE times? arghhhh ... she is like the fish that won't die, even though it's now half-rotten and stinking and crawling with worms!

seriously, maybe someone seriously got to her, told her to seriously get out or they would make some seriously horrendous stuff public? all I know is that was one strange performance, all breathy and incohorent, ducks quacking away in the background (I was afraid she'd whip out a shotgun & blast the quackers for interrupting her "speech").

seeing a performance like that makes me breathe a big sigh of relief that palin is not sitting anywhere near the white house.

Fran said...

I'm pretty sure there will be some major scandal to follow.
Even stoic reporter Cokie Roberts said "Palins announcement does not make sense".

I love my job.... so I'm turning it over to the #2 guy.


Or that she was making this choice because of her love for & because it is in... the best interest of Alaska.

Don't get me wrong-- having Sarah P out of office really is probably a good thing for Alaska.
And if she is railroaded out of political office for some questionable ethics..... then it is a good day for the country.

Her fanny must be grilled over something big for her to suddenly decide to throw in the towel so abruptly.

Some say she has used the same materials as the sports complex in her personal home building.... maybe part of the sports complex deal had freebies on the side for her housebuilding project?

Because she did not actually state the reason, we are left guessing.

In that kind of white trash drama.. it could be anything.

Bristol pregnant again?

Levi & Willow ran off together.

One thing that really bugs me.... the youngest daughter- Piper... was seen holding Trig.... she was seen next to her Dad, holding the baby before Sarah walks to the podium. Todd- the dad, stood in his stage position behind her while their youngest daughter is in charge of dealing with the baby. I almost never see HIM holding his own she is kind of like the freebie Nanny for her photogenic parents.

Bristol & Willow were not in attendance for this announcement.
Not all one big happy family??

As for the winking photo.... that was the smallest I could get it-- but when I first loaded it it was *large*.... imagine my expression when I clicked the preview button & saw that picture in even bigger living color!


I quickly deleted them....

But sure the series of the same photo, gives it that action feeling.... like as if she were in an actual Vice Presidential debate.

She will actually leave office in a few weeks.... stand by for some kind of shit to hit the fan.

If I had the opportunity to ask her one question.... it would be this:

Sarah Palin; Who have you been palling around with?????

Fran said...

I love my job, so I am turning it over to someone else.... I do this because I love Alaska

I guess being Governor of Alaska is sort of like being a community organizer, only people scrutinize you & it's REALLY hard work.


I just stumbled upon the website.... where they have a red DONATE button just like President Obama has on his communications.... but his is *blue*.

They are gathering money for Sarah's *Legal Defense Fund*....'

which also gives a link to

The OFFICIAL website for the Governor Sarah Palin Legal expense fund.

Something's cooking..... and it ain't moose stew....

Who's she been palling around with????

enigma4ever said...

that is our bet..

what a trainwreck..
great post...

Anonymous said...

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