Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Memorial overload

I feel drunk with Michael Jackson memorial overload.

May he finally find peace .

I feel sorry for the kids. Will there be weird custody battles?
I can't imagine a 79 year old (MJ's Mom) having enough energy to raise 3 young kids.
How old is the youngest??? 7 years old?
If old man Joe really did beat his own kids.... where is the wisdom in this decision?

I'm sure we will be hearing all about it ad nauseum.

It was just nice to see them without the masks, out in public.
Sure they need to be kept from the pirahana media, but they need to have normal lives too.
Living behind a mask ain't no way to live.

I feel sorry for a kid named "Prince", and it's not clear if the 3rd boy child is actually named Prince II, or if "Blanket" is really his name.... that's a rough path to take either way. They gave Blanket a Michael Jackson action figure doll to hold during the funeral service.
I hope they set aside a therapy fund.


enigma4ever said...

I feel sorry for the kids...very sad...and esp for the little one- whatever his name is- he looks like such a lost little soul...he breaks my heart....

the whole media blitz as sickening...and it turns out that he was probally a really sick man...who overdosed...very sad...

Fran said...

The youngest child does have a sad/haunting look to him. I hope they get the help & support they need.

The media was overkill for sure-- they even took it as far as declaring MJ as the greatest entertainer that ever lived. Come on! Talk about being over the top.

It was clear MJ really lived a kind of tormented life.
Seems like they held back the overdose info till after the spotlight was turned off.

D.K. Raed said...

I thought for sure it was safe to turn back on my TV after the Staples Memorial, but nooooooo .... they are still humping MJ's frail dead body for all it's worth.

I don't know why the press had to lose their everluvin minds in this overkill coverage. Seems to me they could've done a credible job just updating a few times a day, not 24/7. Save that for the Entertainment Channels where what's going on in the non-celebrity world doesn't matter.

I sure hope another weird celebrity doesn't die too soon. If so, I may have to kill my TV.

Fran said...

I did a grocery store run today, and I almost pulled my own coup-- there were like 10 magazine covers with the front cover featuring Jacko.
Every angle from see photos of the bedroom where he died!!
To flawless entertainer....Huh!
and everything in between.

I was just trying to buy my toilet cleaner & other sundry items & get out.... I had a moment of wanting to flip each one to the back side so future people @ the check out line did not have to endure yet more exposure (bad word choice?)...
to MJ.

Enough already!