Monday, July 12, 2010

more More MORE!!!

I came across this link on the Interwebs-- Plus Size Living.

So don't get me wrong-- I am both big & tall & my husband is more tall than big- 6 foot 6". We fully understand that one size does NOT fit all. I respect that real life sizes are not the bulimic & anorexic models we see used to sell fashion. People should feel comfortable in their own bodies, and we all have genetics that  predispose towards certain body types.  I get that. 
But I have to wonder if this company takes it over the top. For one thing the header really does use the verbiage "more more more" in the intro to the site. Do we really need one person camp chairs that hold up to 800 pounds? A human weight scale that can handle up to 1000 pounds? A step stool with a 1000 pound capacity?
Now they do throw in the line about healthy exercise gear.... which is good. If you are in the 800 pound range, you really need to consider exercise. 
Still the "healthy living" section sells a portable grill, and other countertop cooking gadgets. 
Ok they do have a juicer, and a diabetic cookbook....  but also an inflatable bar & insulated food
backpack.  Hmmmm. Is Plus Size Living a part of the problem?

The Big John toilet seat can hold up to 1200 pounds!
Also-- if you are a size 9X, you should probably not go with the red orange swim trunks!
This web site has some real mixed messages. I'm thinking less less less!


Spadoman said...

I need a place that is "Just Between". I'm not real fat, but fat enough to need to lose weight.
I don't need a 9X pair of swim trunks, but I do need a size 12 5E gore tex lined boot for riding the motorcycle.
Remember, "From the sublime to the ridiculous is but a short leap."


Fran said...

Sure is a short leap. The marketing wizards do like us to think we need to be getting more to be getting a value.
I remember when McDonalds came out with the value meal. The Soda cup was like swimming pool size. There is no car cup holder that accommodates that size cup. No one needs that much soda. Water yes, soda no.
They have driven consumption to a point of being dangerous.

I am trying to get out more & exercise. Sure is easier on the weekends when time is not an issue. On hot summer days, the thing I am having more of is salad!
I never want to need the King Kong camp chair!

Life As I Know It Now said...

true, true, true! :)

nonnie9999 said...

thank heavens it wasn't a speedo!

Fran said...

LOL Nonnie!