Friday, July 9, 2010

More questions than answers....

Admiral Thad Allen recently officially retired from his career in the U.S. Coast Guard, yet he will continue his duties as the national incident commander of the BP oil spill.

They have a new Admiral Robert Papp, but they are keeping the retired guy in charge?

I have to ask-- What is it Thad Allen could not do as an employed Coast Guard employee incident commander that he can do as a retired employee?

This is what happens when trust has eroded, and so much misinformation has been given, you start to question everything.

That is also the case with the EPA.
They can not seem to grasp they should be issuing orders to BP, not the other way around.

After 80 days of oil spewing, isn't it long overdue that the EPA &
 Coast Guard  lay down some rules -
 other than a 65 foot exclusion zone for the media & bloggers?



Spadoman said...

No shit, huh? And we sit here and can do virtually nothing. Sickens me to the core.

Peace anyway, in some form, hopefully.

Mauigirl said...

Couldn't agree more...we need to have someone other than BP running this show or this oil will never stop. It is definitely sickening, as Spadoman says. I can't even think about it some sad.

nonnie9999 said...

i think thad allen and ken salazar have to go, and someone with some balls has to step in. send in people who will kick some asses and get things done.

Fran said...

Hey Spado ~ Maybe we need to replace the so-called regulatory agencies with Greenpeace &
The Sierra Club?
What we have is tainted & too damned slow.

Maui~ Slow going.... I can't imagine the widespread impact that is already happening in the Golf. Whole towns & ways of life are going down like BP's oil rig.
There is no way BP can "male this right" like they claim.

nonnie~ maybe they need to reassign Rahm Emanuel or call in Donald Trump???
Yer Fired!